MLA Todd Loewen was ejected from the United Conservative Party for daring to question Alberta’s Covid-19 response. In a textbook example of poetic justice, Loewen is now seeking the leadership of the very party that showed him the door, with Jason Kenney’s Covid-19 response considered to many a principal reason why he lost the job in the first place. Perhaps Kenney would still be the leader had he done a little more listening, but he was likely too busy locking up pastors.

While many UCP leadership hopefuls have professed their advocacy for freedom and their opposition to overbearing government responses over the last two years, Loewen is unique in paying a concrete political price for voicing his opposition.

I was joined by Loewen at the edge of the Bow River in Calgary for a lengthy and exclusive deep dive into key issues and concerns that Albertans demand strong leadership on from a potential future Premier. We talked about the rising separatist sentiment in the West and how Alberta can stand up to Ottawa and assert itself from Trudeau and his relentless attacks on farmers and Alberta’s energy industries.

We also discussed the terminology of organizations like the World Economic Forum infiltrating even the most freedom-oriented and sovereign-minded leadership candidates, and the reasons why others in the race feel the need to play virtue signaling games to sell Alberta’s ethical oil while countries continue to buy from environmentally reckless human rights violators like Iran and Venezuela.

We also addressed Loewen’s decision to attempt a return to the UCP as leader after being ejected, whether he believes the party can stand for a strong and free Alberta and shatter some of the institutional issues that led to draconian Covid-19 responses, and his plans to beat Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP if elected.

You can watch my in-depth exclusive interview with Danielle Smith here, and look forward to more long-form interviews with leadership hopefuls in the coming week.

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