“…or perhaps the script calls for some type of vehicle, travelling through space… Solarama can achieve that too, creating a realistic effect. Note the depth, the perspective, possible with this studio technique….”



  1. Hey Will. Hope you're doing well. Still stuck on an island. Where are you finding the music you played at the beginning of this video. I've been thinking of getting back into music because nothing else is working out at the moment and the lack of productivity has been quite depressing. I do spend the majority of my time focusing on "Biblical" material. I'm rambling . I'm stuck.

  2. My only question is how does it matter if the earth is flat or not? Would that make a person wicked if they didn't agree with flat earthers? It seems from your other videos that it was important. By the way, I agree with most of the things you've said. God bless.

  3. 13:59 – the guy lost his mind, what the F are you talking about? What drugs are you taking, I want to take them too and see my ass floating in alternative reality… Show me how you bend your reality…! I want to see some abracadabra stuff, in order to believe, or is it that you just took drugs and you are out of your mind. When I hear law of attraction or this kind of crap I just feel sorry for the people believing in this nonsense and I know, I am good, I'm the sane one.

  4. Yes and it's not just Disney trip because that sticks out in a child's mind and even an adult's mind probably more. Everything is possible even the impossible so now that's a seed planted in one's mind. It only seems innocent because it's said with a smile and lovely colors around. Just change the theme around to a bank robbery gone bad but they get away anyway and he says anything is possible even the impossible. It's all the context they give it to you with just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

  5. They want us to believe we are in virtual reality that's why they're passing the hypothesis that says we are in a simulated reality. Pushing the do as thy will Theory that we can create our own reality through the power of suggestion

  6. It’s ironic that this last gasp of the occult pushes so intently the idea of “coexistence “ in regards to the spiritual disciplines of the world. In particular Christians. The well from which the accusers of His kingdom desperately look to trade their bad karma and death for life and forgiveness. It’s ironic for so many reasons. On the one hand Jesus forbids what they are doing and has clearly offered and paid for forgiveness of their behavior on many occasions. It’s also ironic because the supply would be cut off from any Christian walking the straight path and therefore leave them once again without. There can be no compromise. It’s the surest thing to know about God in fallen man. I hope that the same spiritual gifts given me that we’re good enough to catch the eye of the wicked in an attempt to steal fruit off the tree their master claims is an unfair God will likewise be esteemed worthy still when it renders an unmistakable invitation by way of love and forgiveness and an equally unmistakable warning of rejecting it.

  7. Beyond trippy. Before I was fully awake, I watched some of mindvalleys stuff. What turned me away is though they talked a good game.. their eyes seemed dead inside. I couldn't unsee it once I did lol.
    God is good!

  8. I agree with alot you say, and have seen alot of the deceptions of this world. But ask yourself this, what if the bible(s) was the biggest deception of all. I've seen some truths in a few, but even question them. Look outside of it and read ancient txt along with various religions frm around the world. It will wake you up as well along wth a greater deception of what you think is the word of god that was written by men. A self declared group of so called chosen. And if you've really read it then you would question all of the contradictions that can be found. And I don't mean a few, alot. We've all been deceived buy everything upon this earth.

  9. Your work and perseverance in your journey is so inspiring and so very appreciated. Continue to Endure!

    Many blessings from the Father brother,
    Love & Love even more those who hate us.

    1 Thessalonians 2V1 – 17

  10. If they can fool 1, they can fool 450.000.000 europeans for example.
    How ignorant can 1 be?. So are millions and millions
    Yes you are different…yes you are . Be original and do it your way! ..you are different they cant fool you..nahh not you.
    This comment is attacked in many commentsections.

  11. Yes they say they see, but when they speak, its so obvious they don,t , when you live in deteriorating circumstances, and you still don,t see the world is getting mad, in fact some older people around here, they adapt very easy to this mad world.

  12. I don't see anything in the Bible that stresses that mankind is the false god we are not to worship. I do see warning after warning to NOT worship any idols (which are representations of Baal) That we can idolize ourselves or each other is certainly true and doing so is certainly sin but I do not like minimalizing the presence of the devil and the actual deception that we are about to face. There is a different flavor of lie to suit all tastes and worldviews This, we can become Godlike, paradigm is just one facet of the greater deception to which evolution and NASA and representative government belong. The deception involves every aspect of life here and from the globe, to aliens, it is designed to focus our attention on anything but God and his commandments.

  13. God, everytime I watch stuff like this it just makes me realize how backwards some people are lmao. Everyone that falls for this shit is actually so blind to actual facts that it gives me whiplash. It pains me to see such misinformation splayed before such a massive audience. If you want real answers find them yourself, don't listen to some mongoloid on youtube talk about bullshit conspiracies

  14. Your channel is interesting but your take on movies is really extreme. Come on this is just entertainment. Take a damn chill pill. U are beginning to sound like a cult leader

  15. Excellent analysis by the author here about the shape of the Earth. The point being not just the shape of the Earth but the fact that the copernican doctrine , mysticism and so forth can masquerade itself as "science" and actually construct the spinning globe concept and place it in our mind to begin with. Very good commentary on that. The same way with Sandy Hook, line , and sinker, as well as all the other staged psyops. People jump the gun and jump right over the motif, to get to the conclusion of gun control or whatever. They miss the point. The point being is that they can orchestrate psyops like Newtown and get the entire country to believe that an autistic kid just went into a school and murdered a bunch of kids. People concentrate on the motive and COMPLETELY SKIP OVER the diabolical success of the entire thing, which is that they managed to pass it off and people still buy it just like people still by the fake manson murders, Susan Atkins, the slightly built knife wielding murderess, along with schlock movie satanist Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, daughter of military intel Paul Tate, Jay Sebring, its charlatan prosecutor Bugliosi promoting the whole thing, and all the rest of the Laurel Canyon psyops. The media continued to soak it for decades. It's not a matter of why,.. gun control, or any of your other reasons. The effect is that they control you. The ENTIRE COUNTRY bought it hook, line and sinker, and still does. They built it, constructed it, and simply inserted it in the minds of the public where its stored, as the media kept feeding it. Therefore, every time you hear the name charles manson, you have this notorious image, homicidal mind control maniac that can get girls to murder people in Beverly Hills or wherever, get interviewed by the media to keep the fake freak show going, and people believe it. THAT is the motive. All the rest is secondary.

  16. On the bend reality dude, I mentioned hinduism earlier. But then I thought of the jusuit concocted movie, made by and for jesuits, celebrating themselves, known as "the matrix", that somebody commented on the snob kid with the shaved head and the pony tail bending the spoon and "teaching" you how to do it. Somebody on a message board said that is "pure zen". So perhaps this bend reality guy is blending hinduism with zen buddhism. I suggest books and other information on hinduism, by Caryl Matrisciana.

  17. Notice how the hindu bend reality guy gets all dramatic with his tapping into altered states. The following concerns a confidant of the witch known as hillary clinton:

    “Jean Houston is an author of 15 books, and is “one of the most high energy and aggressive conference speakers and seminar leaders in the country.” So says Bob Woodward, a Washington Post editor, in his book, The Choice, part of which exposed the unconventional relationship of Jean Houston with Hillary Clinton.

    She is described in her own brochures and by other writers as a “leading pioneer in the exploration of human potentials and human consciousness,” a world renowned philosopher, psychologist, teacher, story teller and evocateur, and as a “sacred psychologist and global midwife.” Gordon Melton’s New Age Encyclopedia describes Houston as “a major figure in the human potential movement.” As the keynote speaker for a national conference of the American Association of Counseling and Development, she was billed as “The Premiere Presenter in the Field of New Age Human Capacities and Altered States.”

  18. Both movies, The Wizard of Oz, and the so-called "star wars" saga, are masonic to the core. Frank L. Baum, who was also at the Wounded Knee massacre, is pretty much writing books, the "oz wizard", dramatizing satanism as hollywood passes it off to kids. It's a known fact that they worked Judy Garland over in their MK ultra regime, as well as other hollywood tools that they start out at a young age. Some of the elitists actually donate their kids to prove their allegiance to "the cause" and can be set up anywhere in the world. Politics, military, "news" casters, teachers and ANY agency or institution that you can think of. Case in point also, Jane Fonda. She said she was abused and raped. Of course she was. When you are involved in these societies you donate your kid to be handled by the instution, through trauma based mind control. That way you prove your devotion and allegiance. The whole anti-vietnam act using her as "hanoi jane" was indeed all an act. You got PUNK'D!@! by that just like you got PUNK'D@!@ by the full scale psyops known as nasa's fake apollo 11 moon landing, the fake charles Manson murders and the psyop film clips of "woodstock". All of those psyops took place at the exact same summer which was part of their orchestrated witchcraft numerology and occult dates, that being the summer solstice. That was under the grand lodge which you can look up, either Belgium, queen Beatrice grand lodge and so forth. These people are high level institutional witches. It's not some woman character with a black hat on riding on a broomstick. These freemasons don't leave anything open that they can't control or create for the masses. Very, very, very, very few presidents of the united states saw this or see it. John Adams was one of the very few. Otherwise they're ALL in on it such as high level freemason, liar and fraud known as Harry S. Truman. Books have been written on this subject. Books from authors like Edmond Paris and even secular authors like Avro Manhattan. It's not like the information wasn't ever there.


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