Our Lady and our Lord Himself told St. Faustina that her revelations and mission would have a special role in preparing the way for Christ’s final coming. Are we seeing signs of the end times? Father Chris explains.

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  1. GOD BLESS ALL Prayers for all. Thank you for this teaching. Amen Jesus I trust in you. All the praise GOD. Mother Mary, teach us to pray, spread the effect of grace over all humanity now and at the hour of our death AMEN

  2. everyone will be forgiven, that's what purgatory is for father you're convoluting a very simple biblical lessons no wonder catholics were leaving the catholic. church. God bless..

  3. Idk muh about this but when Fr. Chris mentioned the message of La Salette and a king who would unite with the Pope and reign a few years, bringing about a few years of peace, maoes me think of Ronald Reagan. He only "reigned" 8 years and his cooperation with JP2 ended the Cold War and brought about a brief period of peace that ended with the global war on terror and renewed Russian aggression.

  4. The candles must be made of beeswax. Father believes that the consecration is done. That is not an opinion accepted by millions of faithful and many many holy priests and many bishops. The consecration of the world was done by Pius XIl long before JPIl….but again seemingly insufficieht.

  5. I completed the first five Saturdays last week, but a few months ago read in a rosary booklet we need to meditate on all 15 mysteries afterwards. It takes me more than 15 minutes to pray the rosary, and in my early months I only meditated on the 5 mysteries I prayed that day. I might have not known at all about the after rosary meditation on the first month. Do I need to continue for a few more first Saturdays? I intend to to be sure and to offer a little extra but just wanted to know.

  6. If God wipes away our tears not to remember does that mean, we won't know if we made it to heaven because we won't know nothing of our life before I want to know I made it to heaven

  7. Saints were able to see Jesus because He is also a man. The father was known to us through His son Jesus. The father cannot be seen by any human. No one can see the face of the father without causing instant death of the physical body

  8. 1000 years is a prophetic number in Scriptural prophecy. At the time of Moses 1000 years was added to the reigns of kings pharaohs and emperors because it was the number of Divinity. Hence, having learned this in the court or Pharoah, Moses in Genesis 5:5ff gives very long ages to the patriarchs but never adds the 1000 for he knows they are not gods. When Christ is said to reign on earth for 1000 years, it means He will reign in His divinity on earth in us. This is effected by 1) illumination of Conscience whereby the Spirit will reveal all our sin, we will experience what pain our sin gave to Christ, and, if moved to repentance due to that seeing of Christ’s pain and being sorry for it, then with sacramental confession our contrition is known as “pure contrition”. Hence Christ can inhere the soul in its purity to the depths in His divinity. This is fully explained in the Divine Will Doctrine Jesus gave to the Servant of God Louisa Piccarreta (fully accepted writings at diocesan and the Congregation of Saints level several years ago)’ This gift of the Divine Will has to be lived. It is not referring to ‘doing God’s Will’ for that is a secondary effect of It, but rather being possessed by Christ in His divinity as the next step deeper than Mystical Marriage. In Nazareth every act of Jesus, because He was a Divine Person, gave God infinite glory. Adam and Eve before the Fall were both in the Divine Will and had this union of God in their soul. But they lost it. It had meant that their own will wholly filled with the Divine Will of God meant they had the dominion of everything under the control of their unfallen will. They could control their mind, their imagination, their bodies by a simple act of will and the created world outside them by a direct command: weather or animals if they were a threat. Jesus in Nazareth redid every human act – breathing, working speaking eating – and each act gave God infinite Glory. Now we have to ‘take out ‘ as it were, every human act in a spiritual communion with Christ and His divinity multiplies it to the infinite. (The priest does this with the sacraments – take the act of Christ ‘out of Him’ and reproduces it on earth – so even confession is the priest ‘taking out of Jesus on the Cross His divine forgiveness for the individual and applying it to the individual.) So the illumination of consciences will so purify those who accept it, that the reign of Christ in His divinity will be taken up in man as it was in Adam and Eve before the Fall. The proof will be the control of the Human will in-filled with the Divine over our every human act. This also means we can do acts “on behalf of everyone that was, is or is to come.” And God will take that act to those others. Some will refuse and it will return to us as one mor degree of glory in Heaven. If the person repents, then the act will fly out to them immediately. We sill experience that which is Mary’s prerogative, the mediatrix of graces. Those living in the the Divine Will who accet the acts will immediately give forth a new array of graces – like those fireworks who give out a thousand red sparks and each one explodes and gives out a shower of blue sparks and each of those give out a further shower of green sparks. The spiritual reality is that it is Heaven on earth because it is the divinity on earth at work in us. But it is all by faith alone: only occasionally with miracles of commanding weather or animals will it be apparent on occasion. It will also be by the witness of holy lives and heroic love for neighbour. This will be the 1000 year reign of Christ in His divinity on earth in us.


  9. I had a wonderful teacher for K, first and third grades. Sister Maurice, I remember one of the kids asked her what is hell and she said exactly that, Total and eternal separation from God. She added that it was after beholding him at our judgement and then being denied His presence.

  10. Thanks much & may God bless u most abundantly, Fr Chris, for ur clear & concise explanations! I enthusiastically shared ur videos with family and friends.
    Greetings from the Philippines🇵🇭!

  11. Hi Fr. Chris! Am a tribal ethnic leader here in Mindanao, Philippines(Sarangani Province,Municipality of Kiamba,T'boli Tribe).I was baptized only in 1996,when I was 31yo.Am now 57yo.Am a lay minister of our St. Anthony of Padua Parish in town.I always listen to your channel,& its like am in a theology classroom.The world is so bless nowadays with d lot of channels intended to explain God's Word,our CCC,Mama Mary's many apparitions and a lot more.Coz of these I pray that God will save many many people before Christ return.Alleluiah!

  12. GOD BLESS YOU FR. CHRIS ALAR i am a Filipino, a catechist i listen to your program on line more power to your preaching the CATHOLIC FAITH may shower you all the graces to propagate and defend the Catholic faith that is the true ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH FOUNDED BY JESUS CHRIST


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