Biblical Hebrew partial scholarship:
For centuries, the Holy Bible has been a source of inspiration for people all over the world. It is the most widely distributed book today. The Bible is a part of our modern world and has influenced the foundations of Western culture. The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies aims to make the Bible accessible, live from Israel, to people around the world. Through Biblical study and language courses students connect with teachers in the Holy Land to learn the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. This allows them to interpret the holy texts themselves, while discovering the ancient land of the Bible where the stories took place. Find out more about the Old and New Testaments through the Jewish studies, and the connection between Judaism and Christianity.

Students benefit from a full educational experience with an entirely new dimension that immerses them in the Bible’s texts, land, people, language, and culture. Our supportive and social learning environment ensures that students are academically challenged through the in-depth study of the Bible. Professional and passionate teachers from the Holy Land of Israel lead each online course, including: Exploring the Biblical Land of Israel, Discovering the Hebrew Bible, Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek. Learn the ancient languages of the original Bible, the Torah, and dive into the scriptures to learn the original meaning of the holy texts! The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies has been recognized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the world as a prestigious academy for the study of Biblical languages, culture, and history.

Did you know that the Biblical Hebrew alphabet is different than the Modern Hebrew alphabet? Even Biblical Hebrew verbs, phrases, punctuation, syntax, and more are all different, and important to understanding ancient Holy Scriptures. The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies offers students the best teachers and a strong and supportive community combined with advanced technology that makes our live courses available to anyone anywhere in the world. Students can learn in their own time and even in their own language.

Uncover hidden meanings and deepen your understanding of the Holy Scriptures – Biblical Hebrew partial scholarship:



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