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  1. I paused the video to answer ur question. .. what time is it… in my opinion the seven seals are being opened the trumpets are sounding… ww3 is here and civil unrest is here… the wicked generation is here… and the watchers are watchin… the real israelites will be called home shortly… and the temple will be built shortly and the red heifer has been born… and prince william has fulfilled bible prophacy. .. he has published pics of his self and a white lamb holding the cloven hoof in his left hand… if the werent cut short no one would make it to heaven… it is time for people to pray and get right with God… the rapture will happen after the earthquake

  2. guys let's open our eyes, the prophet Muhammad PBUH said that when the hour is about to come the world will be unrest that has never been seen before. there will be massive killings, killings. it's just the beginning of the end of the world. many calamities are just to come. there will break out a war between Muslims and the people of the book.

  3. I love your channel and really enjoy your talks.. a recent video of yours you mentioned something about not listening to the radio and how a song gets stuck in your head keeping us from prayer or thinking…I can't remember which one it was… it really resonated with me and I feel less stress since I stopped putting the radio on in the car. . can you please do a video on this and specific things we should rid ourselves from or show restraint? interested in your thoughts, you're very deep thinker and I can see you are filled with the Holt Spirit . thanks

  4. Can you do a videos on the 440 vs 432 hz music conspiracy Thecontroversy7 with a video talking about about how vaccine injuries & Neurodiversity is part of the whole NWO agenda? That would be informative.

  5. the controversy7 how I start looking for Jesus Christ if I don't trust religion,,can u help me and tell me how? I love all u videos and I know in my heart the truth come out of u mouth..I'm a gang member trying to change my life and u really inspiring me..thanks..God bless you and protect you always..


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