“There is no other news company in Canada whose reporters are attacked. We spend $100,000/year on bodyguards for our reporters, but bodyguards don’t work when the violent thugs are Trudeau’s personal police detail. Butts has radicalized them, and now they dehumanize us, too.” wrote Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant on Twitter Sunday morning.

The remarks were part of a 15-tweet thread which linked the violence, discrimination, censorship and threats faced by Rebel News journalists to the way Gerald Butts, a longtime Trudeau friend and advisor to the Prime Minister, publicly demonizes them.

Levant noted that most people disregard Butts for his many scandals, but police and other officials in the Ottawa bubble do not.

As threats and violence have escalated against Rebel News reporters, so has the security budget to protect reporters at the crowd-funded network.

Butt’s disdain for Rebel News has led to accusations that Levant is a Neo-Nazi, when Levant himself is Jewish.

Butts has directed his ire at the few organizations left in the media landscape not compromised by bailouts and subsidies.

When Michael Geist, a professor, commented about the recent scandal of the Liberals giving anti-racism education grants to a well-known antisemite, Geist came under fire from the Liberals.

Levant detailed Rebel News battles over the past three years with the Liberals debates commission that limited access of Rebel News journalists to ask questions at federal leaders’ debates.

And, just after the most recent court victory which required the commission to allow Rebel News reporters to participate in post-debate scrums, Trudeau immediately disrespected the ruling of the Federal court.

“Twice, Trudeau & Butts ordered the commission to break the law and ban us”

Levant explains that Trudeau and Butts’ losses in Federal court to the Liberals and the failure to use public money to colonize Rebel News is what prompted the Liberals’ four new pieces of censorship legislation.

Beyond censorship legislation, the Liberals and Butts are engaged in a campaign to demonize critics as foreign agents.

The CBC has had to retract two separate stories in which the heavily funded state broadcaster accused the anti-mandate, anti-Trudeau convoy to Ottawa of being a Russian-operation.

“They demonize us, dehumanize us, ban us, and even foment violence against us. But we won’t go quietly.”

Levant pointed to an embarrassing recent outburst by Global News senior journalist David Akin in a press conference with new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre as an example of Liberal-approved journalism.

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