Join Bible students from around the world as we open the sacred text and consider the Lord’s wisdom and comfort for up pilgrims of the last days. Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is the teacher.

Today’s topic is hope, and we especially consider how the Christian alone has true and unmoving hope.

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  1. Pastor, what writing tool did you add to your bag of broadcast toys? I came away with three good lessons today. Your explanation of Luthers Childrens game, that was very helpful in showing (far from being a child I am) Theology/Life, Law/Gospel, Active/Passive, Wisdom/Comfort, What do I do/What do I believe? Very helpful. Then the answer to the question as to why Love is the most important of Faith, Hope and Love. Faith gives way to sight, Hope gives way to reality, but Love endures forever. Finally, Romans 5:15, Suffering produces endurance, Endurance produces Character and Character produces Hope. God willing, my future sufferings will create these attributes in me.

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