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Feasts of the Bible teaching series by Sam Nadler! Learn about the way God speaks through his ordained feasts and holidays in the Bible and what Christians can learn from Yom Kippur — or the Day of Atonement — and how it points to Christ!

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  1. Greetings , i would be very much interested in your opinion, and the opinion of others regarding this thesis:

    Is it possible that typology of Leviticus 16:5 represents Esau, Jacob,
    and Isaac? and by further extension represents Christians and Jews.

    Esau is the goat for the Lord, Jacob is the scapegoat, and Isaac the
    ram, and all three represent the One Messiah Jehosha ben Joseph.

    This reasoning is based on the Hebrew word "saw-eer" in Lev 16:5, this
    word is first used in Genesis ch 27, where Esau is "saw-eer", and Jacob
    becomes "saw-eer azazel", when Rebekah places the skin of the goat on
    him and he is told to escape to Laban.

    The word "azazel" is a portmanteau of two Hebrew words meaning “goat of
    departure”, and also means strong one against God, or God fighter, as
    does the name Israel given to Jacob.

    Day of Atonement is also the Day of Reconciliation, pointing to the
    prophetic reconciliation between members of the Biblical family, that is
    Christians, Jews, and Messiah Jehoshua . see Malachi 4:4-6"


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