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Fight the Fines victory: $7000 in quarantine tickets withdrawn for Sask family


The Cormacks tried to do everything right when they returned to Canada from the Philippines, where they do business. Kevin and his wife Erlinda had to make their way back to Saskatchewan, where they grow specialty grains for export to Erlinda’s native Philippines, to deal with some equipment issues. The travel restrictions early in the pandemic had already kiboshed their travel plans several times and cost them thousands of dollars.

The Cormacks were extra careful, not wanting any problems when they landed in Canada. They self-isolated for two weeks before their flights to Vancouver. They tested for COVID. They had a detailed plan to further quarantine in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan. But when they got to Canada, all the steps the family took to prove they were safe, healthy and not a risk were enough when they were met with a prickly border guard. The family was slapped with nearly $7,000 in fines.

The pandemic had already harmed their business. They were out thousands of dollars after several cancelled flights. And when they finally got to Canada, they were fined.

Thankfully, Kevin and his family contacted Fight the Fines, a program of the registered Canadian charity, the Democracy Fund, to connect them with a great lawyer to fight their fines in court, at no cost to them. Fight The Fines is crowdfunded through tax-deductible donations to the Democracy Fund.

The Cormacks received the goodness in July. The tickets were thrown out along with the fines, and Kevin and his family are so grateful to everyone who donates to the Democracy Fund to make no-cost access to lawyers possible.

The only sad news is that the Cormacks have all but given up on Canada and are living in the Philippines, at least for now.

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