1. You know life is a journey and whenever you decide that you want to have God into your life to be holding you like he is there's always going to have basically mountains and rocks to climb and when you tell your significant other that things that you can't watch for things that you can't do no more and you know sometime yeah it'll be hard to cut it off but you looking forward to it because you're thinking about your eternal life yes I am grateful that I'm still here and got to give me a chance to come back to to find a way to accept price as my lord and savior because I do accept Jesus Christ that's my lord your savior and sometimes those people that surround you they're not going to expire you or tell you hey you should do this not this and that in the end of the day just remember you have one soul and I always kept that in mind because I want to be in a book of life

  2. GLORY TO GOD!!!..By GOD permission TOG is the heavy artillery of GOD WORD..spiritual bullets come from every direction striking every target at GOD ducking nor dodging..penetrating one's very soul..GOD WORD accomplish wherever HE send it..

  3. Back of his building there yet leaf wrap Lau Lau tea leaf chase bugs flys fan and wrap to team Lau Lau. KANAKA MAOLI culture 🙏🏼 teaching awesome 40 50 60 70 in to 80 , 9o People against God's law's 80% of da world evil 😡

  4. If we are saved before baptism by faith then baptism cannot convey to us the Spirit no matter what name is said over a person. If you are saved by baptism, (by calling on Jesus name) then it was not faith that saved but an ordinance you had faith in. If it was at your baptism you had called on him for the first time to save you this would not make sense, since it is our response to the gospel message by faith that saves.

    Oneness Pentecostals (a separate group of Pentecostals) teach that "speaking in tongues" must accompany the conversion of all Christians to prove they have the Spirit. The process to salvation is repentance, faith, baptism in Jesus name, then comes the waiting for the Acts 2 experience. Either before or after is obedience to commands and works. The Oneness Pentecostals make tongues as the proof that one possesses salvation. Many wait for this evidence to occur and when it does not they look desperately to find whatever flaw or sin is holding back His Spirit from coming. I can’t think of something more disheartening than to think your not saved because you haven’t had this experience of tongues.

    John the Baptist never spoke another tongue yet he was filled with the spirit from his mothers womb. The book of Acts gives us the normal pattern for receiving the Holy Spirit. One thing becomes clear as the texts are looked at carefully, there is no consistent pattern of reception. In order for something to be normative it needs to be consistent and a common thing to all, clearly it is not as proposed by the Oneness view.

    If we look carefully through the book of Acts There are only three references to believers speaking in tongues when salvation was given. Acts 2 those in the upper room who did not know what they were waiting for, Acts 10 the spirit falls on them while the message is given and they speak to give evidence to Peter that the gentiles are allowed to enter the Church. And Acts 19

    The order for the Jews in Acts 2 was vs.38 repent,vs.41 they gladly received the word then they were baptized publicly in a Christian baptism and received the spirit of promise. Which was the same promise given to the apostles by Jesus in Acts 1:5. The unbelieving Jews were witnesses to God beginning a new entity the Church.

    Acts 8 for the Samaritans the order was they believed and were baptized vs.12-17 then they had the apostles lay hands on them and received the Holy Spirit

    Acts 10 the gentiles order was as he was speaking the Holy Spirit was given because of their faith that God saw in their hearts vs.44-48 then they were baptized. so we can see each time a different way in which the spirit was given.

    Acts 10 opposes the view of having to be baptized first to receive the Spirit as Oneness claims. Are we to believe God poured out his Spirit in the same way as Pentecost on people whose sins were not yet forgiven? Clearly the Spirit is given by grace.

    However we find their was a common denominator, they were all saved the same way. By faith

    Brother Gino is a wonderful preacher and brother of the true faith of God, but is brother Gino saying he is 100% correct?
    I know Moses and king David made mistakes, and they were holy men sent by God, so I'm not going to act like some of these men who actually hate Pastor Jennings, and say he is false.
    I know he is a man of God, and I will keep on with him.
    First of all, I don't care about being popular on the internet, or social media.
    Do any of you FIRST CHURCH MEMBERS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST realize that brother Gino taught a lie?
    This correction might not help many because you can't go against a large crowd, but at least I had the courage to share it, with whoever might understand it.
    Genesis 3:21 and Revelation 6:11 prove correction.
    ROBES are a greater MODESTY than PANTS.
    How many of us just listen and not study and test the teachings?
    Our brother is an excellent preacher, and is correct mostly always, except he is only wrong on 2 teachings I noticed, but overall wonderful teaching and preaching…🙏❤️
    We should listen to the pastor when he speaks the truth, even brother Gino said, to test all the teachings, and I posted the proof, so are we one of those kinds of people that just follow everything and clap?
    Brother Gino said, even if he teaches an error, not to follow after it.
    He was telling the truth.
    I'm not offended, just reading my bible.
    I love this brother, and I will continue to watch him always, but unfortunately, I found him in error only on two subjects at this time, I’m not condemning him, but he was wrong on the son’s of God being the sons of Seth in Genesis and he is also wrong about woman’s pants.
    This brother is usually always correct, and as long as he has been preaching it could be difficult to correct him, but he, unfortunately, is wrong on woman’s pants.
    There is actually Bible scriptures to prove it below.
    Just because we love our brother Gino doesn’t mean we shouldn’t test the teachings.
    There seems to be a double standard,
    I was told there needs to be a distinction between male and female clothing because women shouldn't be wearing women's pants?
    So I ask the world a simple question.
    What was the distinction between Adam and Eve when GOD HIMSELF made them BOTH COATS OF SKINS?
    What was the distinction between THE MAN AND THE WOMAN when they both wore ROBES in the days of Jesus?
    What will be the distinction between the Saints that are men and the Saints that are women in Heaven, when GOD HIMSELF GIVES them BOTH WHITE ROBES?

    Can anyone answer this?
    The Bible can answer this.

    👉Genesis 3:21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.
    Adam and Eve both had coats of skin, Adam had a coat furnished for his body, and Eve had a coat furnished for her body.

    So how do we figure out who is wrong in Genesis 3:21?
    It says, "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them".
    Is Adam wrong for wearing a coat of skin?
    Is Eve wrong for wearing a coat of skin?
    Who is wrong because THEY BOTH are wearing the same identical clothing.
    The word " pertaineth" doesn't mean that women can only wear dresses.
    It means a woman will wear clothes that are made for women.
    And a man shall wear clothes that are made for a man.

    👉Men and women wore robes that pertaineth to their bodies in the days of Jesus Christ.
    Again this item was identical in nature.

    👉Revelation 6:11 And white robes were given unto every one of them, and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow-servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

    All the saints of God meaning the men and the women will be given white robes to wear because they were found faithful to the Kingdom of God in the end.
    They will be given white robes to wear and not a white pair of pants for the men and a white dress for the women.
    They ALL will be given "White Robes" and these robes will pertain to their NEW bodies.
    This item is identical in nature.
    So why do men teach a doctrine of "dresses only" and condemn those who wear women's pants?
    The Core principle of the dress code within the holy scriptures is set against homosexuality to protect the man and the woman from encouraging confusion.
    The HOLY BIBLE TEACHES modesty through a spirit of meekness.
    1.)Coats of skin for Adam and Eve and this item is identical in nature.
    2.)Robes for men and women in the days of the law of Moses and within the days of Jesus Christ and this item is identical in nature.
    3.)Finally, within the Book of Revelations, we read there are White Robes given to all saints that are men and women and this item is identical in nature.
    These are our three major common clothing groups given to us to understand God's holy wisdom within the holy scriptures for dress code.

    Even after the church was born, Christian men and women still wore identical clothing in nature, called robes.
    The lesser modesty started with men when they started wearing pants and no longer robes, and when the woman started following after that lead, the man calls her a sinner or accuses her of being like a man?
    That’s being a hypocrite according to the Bible because God gives men and women identical clothing after the resurrection, and not to mention God gave identical clothing to Adam and Eve under the rule of modesty to that which pertained to their bodies.
    To say a woman is going to hell for wearing a woman’s pants is a lie and teaching of men by their own understanding.
    If a man uses Deu 22:5, for clothing, he must also use Due 22:11 because you can’t just use one part of the law, you must use all parts of the law written in Deu 22.
    If a woman goes to hell according to Due 22:5 for wearing woman's pants, then Due 22:11 sends people to hell also for wearing material mixed of wool and linen together.

    So with that being said, Deu 22:5 is referring to the confusion of homosexuality.
    James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

    The point I'm explaining is that Eve and Adam wore the same Identical clothing made by God. Deu 22:5 is plainly speaking about homosexuality and cofusion within the dress code.
    When people turn gay, they tend to wear the opposite kind of clothing according to their confusion.
    If you were born in the days when you saw your Father wearing a robe and your Mother wearing a robe, you would most likely find it strange to see your Father start to wear pants.
    If you were born in the days when you saw your Father wearing pants and your Mother wearing a dress, you would most likely find it strange to see your Mother start to wear women's pants.
    Men who teach that women can only wear dresses do not see the truth in the scriptures about this subject correctly, when they just link it to clothing.

    Men in Ireland wear men's kilts.
    Some men in Asia wear men's skirts or even kimonos.

    So the law of Deu 22:5 given to Moses by God was not in effect when people at that time wore identical clothing in nature called Robes?

    This teaching of woman’s dresses only means well, but it is an old fashion doctrine of men, taught by men and set by men.
    I feel women should obey modesty as it is written, but women going to hell if a woman wears women pants made for her is teaching a lie.
    Even in the end, God gives men and women the same identical clothing.
    He gives them both a white robe that pertains to their bodies.
    Are they confused because the item is identical in nature? No
    Deut 22 is referring to homosexuality and its confusion, because if God sends women to hell for wearing woman’s pants because the men have men’s pants, then why did God make two identical clothing items for Adam and Even called coats of skins?
    Why would God give the resurrected saints the same identical type of clothing in the end?

    Sometimes the by-laws of men hinder the truth.
    You should learn to test all the teachings.
    Apostasy is in everything these last days, politics, government laws, and even dress code.
    Does the entire audience just agree because they love him?
    Even brother Gino said, even if he teaches a lie, he's accountable.

  6. I still don’t get why Gino Jennings got vaccinated? God provides all your wants and needs . Seek the kingdom of god Mathew 6:33– if Gino Jennings seeks god why he got vaccinated, idk, I love the message of Gino, but fearing satan and man and compliance with them for a vaccine 💉

  7. Greeting to all of God's people my name is Queen Esther Johnson I am asking for prayer for my two sisters Betty Campbell that had a stroke two strokes she's in therapy learning how to walk and talk all over again my baby sister Clara McDonald she had a seizure in her sleep she was already dealing with cancer breast cancer now she's not on dialysis because her body is going through a change and they're trying to keep her heart rate level under control now they're getting ready to start her on dialysis because her kidneys are failing I asked that every truth first Church of our Lord Jesus Christ will keep her in your prayers because falsehood churches are not going to do them any good peace be unto the church family I thank God for my pastor apostle Gino Jennings peace be unto God's people God's real people

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