Bad Dates, Room Mates & Soul Mates
One Community Church
Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor
Plano, Texas



  1. My God! The best relationship preaching ever! I'm proud of a fellow Christian and Jamaican, two categories who are often wrongly stereotyped. May God immensely bless him and his wife, along with their ministry.

  2. I listen to many messages on marriage and singleness (as part of my preparation for marriage). I think single parents get left out. When you have children you are not free from the responsibility of another. Since I have children I have to tell myself that "I will use my singleness as a time to pour, pour, pour into my children". As a single parent (depending on your circumstances) adding a spouse to your household can help or hinder your family so it's best to find out what the will of God is for your life. I have enjoyed these messages. Thanks so much!


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