Flat Earth: DOMES – Architecture, Portals & “Blood Over Intent”…

This contains another re-up of one of my early Flat Earth videos, talking about domes in architecture, symbolism in commercials/media, but the audio is hopefully much better than in the last video. 😉 I also speak a bit on the “Blood over intent” issue, as many people have asked about it. God bless.

*song at the end is called “Verses” by Russian Circles https://youtu.be/8NZgmxcvAa8



  1. Love your old stuff will. Your discernment is incredible, your Flair for analogy conveys so much and your pain is a reflection of the empathy you feel to what all Humanity will experience here soon. Your work is God sent. Wil, thank you.

  2. Great music!!! Yes, landscape of earth is absolutely "flat" the firmament above is a vault or dome…and the sky is made of heavenly waters above like a "sea of glass" as it states in Revelation and Book of Enoch. As for if it has 4 corners or actually has pedestals…possibly if we are encased…then the bottom is the Abyss…but wouldn't that mean there's an opening since Satan has a key? Yes…but where? Maybe that's what Antarctica actually is? Entrance into the middle earth?? I dont know but I can't rule it out since no one can go. It sure would explain military presence and Hitlers as well as the nasty elite & their political minions. Something is absolutely there.

  3. Very interesting will. Love this video. So many cool pics of examples of dome architecture… love your work it's very stimulating and thought provoking. Also I pray you are and become blessed as a brother of mine in Christ.

  4. All of these domes are showing us what the ancient's saw in their sky. The commercial is showing her climbing to go into the Golden Age…this is the same sky the ancient's saw. Not a golden city but instead a red sky where everything is revealed.

  5. thank to GOD the Father of all what is been created visible and invisible the most compasive, the most Merciful and thanks to HIM because He made Himself visible to us trough our LORD JESUS The only Messiah!!! and thanks to you for your hard work !!

  6. I find it interesting that blood is the medium of exchange. There is no forgiveness of sin without the sheding of blood. Blood being the most important substance for with out it there is no life. Life is in the blood. Some Orthodox Jews to this day sacrifice a chicken to atone for their sins. But no animal sacrifice can atone for or take away sin perfectly it can only cover it temporarily until a perfect sacrifice can be made and seeing that the only thing that is perfect is GOD then only GOD could perfectly atone for sin. But GOD is Spirit but if GOD entered His own Creation as a man he would not die of old age or sickness because He is without Sin and He would not have an accident because even the Angels would bare Him up and no one could kill Him because He could call on a legion of angels. But He could lay His life down as a perfect sacrifice. At least his physical body and blood could atone for the sins of the world.

  7. so the Christian way is the way? I thought Jesus said he was Lucifer too? you have to become new? reborn? the gnostic texts nag Hammadi show a pretty interesting view of Jesus and yaldabaoth aka Yahweh. the arch-ons are at play. the sons of god were in Genesis too. there's much esoteric knowledge in the bi-bel…

  8. On saving yourself…. and leaning not on God. Your doctrine says that God helps those who help themselves. So many misinterpretations to say the least has created way too much tainted and or ignorant divergence. If you're really Christian then you ought to be referencing and talking about Orthodox Judaism if you want to get closer to the roots

  9. Thinking your going to escape by believing in something different is different how? It's different because a greater human authority has penned and pushed it? What other things have been penned and pushed just as much that didn't go so well? You're all deceived. No man or woman can ever say they have the answers nor be 100% sure of almost everything 100% of the time for there are exceptionalities in place beyond

  10. Sorting through all the deception while staying focused on our Creator not His creation is key. I was very pleased to hear how your videos make this distinction especially by acknowledging Christ Yeshua. All He fulfilled ( ie. Resurrection) properly gets us out of here. Shalom

  11. perhaps, even though the spiritual battle is the most important part of our struggle to survive, there are other, more immediate battles to be fought, such as our struggle against the poisons and electromagnetic radiation which now attack us from every angle, every day. getting rid of the evil financial institutions, like the federal reserve, might also be a more pressing battle than the spiritual one. I am not saying that we should abandon our spiritual defenses, just that we shouldn't slacken in our pursuit of justice on earth, here and now.


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