Flat Earth FREEDOM!!! [ Rage Against the Globe…]

“Your senses are a gift…”

Sometimes it’s healthy to unleash a little “zetetic fury” 😉

Curvature Tests:
9.41 Mile Earth Curvature Test, Platforms Habitat / Hillhouse – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9GBwOJ6Amw

17 miles curvature test from San Mateo Bridge to Bay Bridge – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RXbEhkLt3U

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the Bible – Flat Earth: https://youtu.be/CRt0FKeorlM

High Altitude Balloon Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34c_tpeDU3U



  1. Lol and we're supposed to believe the guy that said the earth is pear shaped.. yet all of the fake photos released by the worlds space agencies show a perfect sphere.. so much bs.

  2. FLAT EARTH IS A MENTAL PRISON! The heat distribution observed on the Earth with cold poles and a hot equator, with alternating seasons, is physical PROOF that; the earth is a sphere rotating on a tilt, with the photon energy striking the surface at sharp angles on the poles (cold), and striking the equator at a perpendicular angle (hot). The tilt causes the change of seasons as the Earth revolves around the Sun. This can ONLY be the result of the Earth being a sphere in orbit around the Sun. CASE CLOSED

  3. Some recent comments from Gary Wayne on his stance about the Flat Earth. (Genesis 6 Conspiracy)

    "I am still agnostic on Flat Earth. There are issues on it that I have not resolved such as eclipses and 24 our sun on one pole while 24 darkness at the other pole as a couple of examples. I do believe something is going around something, so am from a heliocentric position but this also means the sun could going around the earth or visa versa. It is a big subject and I have not spent enough time on it; noting it would take up all of my time to research it properly."

    "There is no doubt that scientists who still report to the Royal Society to this day, are keeping the original goals and agenda of their forming, and just as they did with Enoch son of Cain and the corrupted development of the Seven Sacred Sciences: to discredit and dismiss God; to not give God the honor and respect of creating all things; to lead people away from God; and to
    honor the Great Architect of the Universe who they call Lucifer. As for the other question: The Bible has a lot of verses that suggest the earth is a dome on the top, but the Bible also has verses describing the earth a little differently as well, which is why I am agnostic. We also see flat earth and dome in polytheism and polytheist religions, doctrine and entertainment, so this also makes me want to be careful here. Similarly in polytheist iconology on flat earth with a dome they will show a flat earth with a dome on top and the World Tree growing up from the base and other half of the dome through to the heavens."

  4. The Stars Falling in Revelation are the fallen angels
    Falling to earth or being cast out of the heavens
    Satan is also described as a star!
    So Neil is wrong in claiming the bible writers are saying the stars as planets will fall to the earth because they didn't know what stars were!!
    More like Neil doesn't know the bible!

    Also the bible is clear in stating that a day for God is as a thousand years
    Meaning a long time for humans is like a blink of an eye to God
    So to assume the bible is saying literal 24 hour days is again wrong

    There is no reinterpretation of the texts because of Science
    That's for sure!!
    The bible has never been reinterpreted to suit science

    The inspired bible writers weren't writing a science book
    They were writing about God!

  5. Great video. Saved me a trip to Lake Tahoe, where I would have conducted a similar test. Lake Tahoe is 22 miles north to south, so this SAN Mateo Bridge clip works just fine. I can just hear the globe heads exploding – love it!

    Judging from the comments, looks like you have picked up a couple of "monitors". Somebody with power does not like your work.

  6. neal (de ass) tyson,fulfilling the scriptures he mocks.proclaiming to be wise they became as fools.even flashed a triple six.he was subtle when he did it but it is there.some one commented they were getting used to your vids going 15min and wanted it to be longer,I just watched 3 times,jammin on some rage was worth it by itself.keep on rockin

  7. Hi, even Gonzo with S. Deyo had a cynic laugh about F earth has we're dumbs. i post a comment to explain how gravity works according to Newton. And how gravity is selective(which is not according to theory, if there is gravity who maintain us at the surface, it's dispatch differently if you leave at poles or equator. If people at equator have perfect gravity for them, it's the place where the speed of rotation is higher, so at the pole where rotation is quasi near to zero, you ll be squeezed. If gravity is ok for people of poles, so people who're living in equator zones would be ejected by centrifuge force of rotation of earth. GOD bless.

  8. Obama is always talking about Flat Earth and making jokes about how stupid you must be to believe in it. Same with the science community. Mocking is their only weapon,
    its flat because NASA can't leave earth and the firmament shields the flat earth NASA can't send nothing in space

  9. I tried to tell my father about the flat earth. He is an engineer, and is very mathematically/logically minded, so I really thought that he would be open to the concept based upon the research that has been done so far…. but he didn't even watch any of it. He simply said "Syd, you know that Galileo said the earth was round"… and that was it. He refused to discuss it any further. It was pretty shocking for me, because I always assumed he had a critically thinking, open mind….. how wrong I was.


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