Flat Earth: “Globes In My Mind…” [REDUX]

So the other day I come across this really sweet orchestral version of “Where is my mind” by the Pixies, which I used in one of my early Flat Earth videos back in November 2015 https://youtu.be/GBOjTrEOSBQ , and I just kept listening to this song, and well, one thing led to another, and I wound up making a new version of “Globes in My Mind”….



  1. This one brought me to tears. I believe. I believe, Heavenly Father! I believe! The sheer fact that this all makes my heart swell with anticipation of coming home to our Lord Jesus Christ, the sheer fact that this makes me feel absolutely surrendered to Jesus and scripture, must say something. I have never in my entire life being brought up in the painfully evident lie out of the snakes mouth of the globe earth felt a nearness to God like I do when I first began my studies on the flat earth two years ago. Just weeks ago I felt salvation and I felt the call of Jesus and I picked up a Bible after swearing off the flag earth and it just brought me back. Thank you for all of your fearless work and still compassion. I used to follow Dubay but couldn't get past his need to ridicule others. You help me feel like I am not crazy…by talking about how you have had the same thoughts.
    Jesus saves and I see Him working through you.
    Peace and love from one flat earth family over here in Indiana to another!
    My confusion now is how to raise our eight month old daughter. I would absolutely love if you could maybe do a video talk about how you approach this with your family. I know if would be different from most of your material but it is something that pulls at my heart strings and I am slowly buttering up my husband. I can see the gears turning about the importance of this subject. He too is talking about how "it doesn't effect him one way or the other" and I used to believe the same thing. Either way, I am just eternally grateful for all of your work and dedication!!

  2. Going through so many of your FE/BC videos and this is one of my favourites. Along with your reading of Job 38.
    I am seriously considering getting out of the church as my pastor has basically said that I shouldn’t talk about it. It’s the gospel that matters. And though I agree with him, this is something that will lead many to Christ.
    All that said, I am a mere woman and don’t always understand some of your deeper esoteric/quantum/zetetic? ones. But I love these types of videos. Blessings to you. God is working through your work.

  3. Good video. I just wanted to share this with you all: We could ask ourselves, "WHO has our mind?" Does Jesus have our mind? Or does the world? I could say "I have my mind" but with this thinking I would unknowing leave myself open to be deceived by the lies of the evil one. No, I want God to have my mind and He does when I renew my mind with His Word. I hope that encourages someone.

  4. I often have to laugh at the irony of the ones who are asleep and in denial…that accuse us who believe the Earth is flat…of being brainwashed idiots. And as for the ones who know the truth, but try to keep it from us…"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"…

  5. Man I wish the music at the end was not so loud. I had sent it over to gab.ai until that came on and decided to scrub it. Lots of back and forth at that site (it is like Twitter but without the censoring)- good site and a bunch of FE people there. Mike

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