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  1. Hello everyone, according to the bible the earth is round. Isaiah 40: 22 says, "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants there of are as grasshoppers: that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.

  2. The Bible is the only thing that challenge Heliocentric system, the Big Bang and Evolution, it pose a great threat and that's why the trinity is back by tax dollars and Christianity is not, if you notice there removing Jesus Christ along with Christianity out of our schools slowly in the U S, religious morally are rapidly decaying in our world. Question?where this concept of Good and Evil came from, these are the driving force in everything we watch and do?

  3. Revelation 7:1 says, "After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth…" The last I've checked, a circle/ball doesn't have corners!!!

  4. To think normal people would believe what they see not what they've been told, they look to those so call ingenious men to tell them what they are seeing, hypnotizing them in theories and dazzle them in math equations. Water is always at eye level, Kansas is flat as pancake, the curvature is not visible every 7.98 inch per square mile, Australia definitely not upside down, light house are always visible many miles away, no movement in the earth even though they say it's spinning at 1000 miles per hour, they use a car driving at constant speed to justify their claim of no movement, come think of it ,it lacks the logics for the mass of the earth and of the car is not equal and the speed in which car can drive is not equal to 1000 miles per hour, the speed in which the earth is moving is faster than that of a car, the earth is bigger so it requires more speed and because of it's mass with the speed it would be possible to detect even slightest movement and there is none, a car moving at a constant speed on straight plane with max speed, it might be possible that one may not detect movement which is unlikely but just for agreement sake, even though movement may not be detected that doesn't distort observation, one may not tell that car is moving from movement but from observation he can tell, for speed increase wind conditions and stationary objects would appear to be moving (fast or faster )giving the observer a fall sense of belief that some objects are moving or even moving faster,yet an normal day it's very calm with no wind and if you look out clouds appears to move slow, fast or even no movement at all,though the movement should be relatively or constant with the earths movement, yet its obvious and already proven that clouds have their own tendency. In a car driving at constant speed looking out,it would appear that objects, clouds are moving or even moving faster which is just an illusion due to the speed of the car, and because of the speed and that it is constant increase one perspective of movement and so therefore as for the car so should the earth but this not so from mere observation and that is the reason there is no logic in using a car driving at a constant speed to explain earths spinning at 100 miles per hour.

  5. Einstein state that light is attracted by gravity,in other words the path of light is not straight in strong gravitational field, so astronaut looking at earth see a curve earth but what they don't realize is that it's not the earth is curve but it's light talking a curve path from the earth because of the strong gravitational field from the earth that makes the earth look curve, so those photographs that they claim they taken from space are represented by curve light as seen as it is, even so light traveling through space in strong gravitational field light can make light appear to be curve or straight from this perspective in a strong gravitational field the spectrum of light is not constant there is no way to be certain that those picture taken by the astronauts in space shows earth as globe because of the strong gravitational field which affects the spectrum of light in space. Their own theory itself is riddle flaws which I can use to disproof their own theory and discovery

  6. You are getting sidetracked. Just so you know, approximately around that time, changing of the seasons, North Carolina won't be a good place to be at. They usually send out rockets full of weather altering chemicals from different locations with nc being one of them.

  7. you know sometimes I wonder about education what does education mean it means you know a certain thing about certain things that only you study or know about but that doesn't mean that you're the smartest person in the world education is just a teeny bit of knowledge it's not the whole thing because education has to do with the individual and so does knowledge but the moral of the story is that we have to get both of these things for her own selves in these last and evil days teacher self that's what the Bible says and the last and evil days no one will listen to the truth you have to know the truth for yourself don't waste your time with other people falling by the wayside

  8. I believe it is very important to tell use scripture to let others know that Satan's spirit and his demons work within the media, and has completely taken over NASA, because God warns us about being deceived. If we are deceived by the lies of the world, then we can be pulled away from the truth the Holy Spirit teaches us through His word. And yes, one can fall and turn away from the truth if they don't allow the word of God to teach them, instead of allowing the media, and the demons working in the media to teach them. This is why it's important to know the truth about earth. I have to be honest here: either you're living in and seeking the truth, or you're deceived and swayed by the spirit of confusion and lies. God bless you all.

  9. It makes no sense, if the sun, moon and stars are round, how come the earth is flat??!! I will pray and ask God for an answer . People get into debates that have no benefits at all. Sometimes is just trash.
    Church keep your eyes on Jesus Christ.

  10. I was going to ask about the proof of your flat earth, but I guess we'll have to wait for this conference. You said before there was no proof measuring the curvature of the earth, yet you did not prove the flat theory either. Based on scripture and science, I would say the earth, like all the other planets, are rocks basically, without perfect form. And with that being said, not at all flat either. Keep up the good research. I'd also like to see you quote more scripture, you seem to have gotten away from the Word that drives you. Thank you

  11. the earth is large and heavy enough that is curves space around it. you live in that curved space that is keeping you down. the sun is so large and heavy that is starts to curve space out past pluto. that black hole in the center of the galaxy is so large and so heavy that it starts to curve space out past the edges of the galaxy about 50,000 light years away. as the black hole moves though the cosmos anything it comes near enters the curved space around it like a marble rolling around in a bowl.

  12. these modern day Men of light can not help themselves in still taking from the weak…. exchange info for info that is our new currency ,, the most high knowledge is FREE… allow our Hearts to fulfil your vision not you vision to fulfil our heart…..

    if you, are into this for the money…. then your message is no different from a truth finder, (preacher, , politician, clergymen ) all are bound to a truth finder system that is controlled to maintain the masses…

    you. are a truth seeker, not a truth finder, your knowledge is not bound from mankind u have no authority figure to give you permission to what you can and not say, at lease I hope

    but this reminder of us to donate is keeping us compel to this currupt system held and ran down by DEMI GODS, THE elite who just keep on taking on the name to see us all with out nothing…..

    wake up

  13. listen, why are you begging, for donations, you are giving the Most high ability to bring acknowledge to those who are awakening that who has been ASLEEP. …

    STOP BEGGING…….THE MOST HIGH will allow our Heart to do what is rigbt….



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