Dr. Steven Greer : The Cosmic False-Flag. (Nov 13th, 2016): https://youtu.be/euF8VPJfJks?t=6



  1. the more i watch greer the more i notice what a massive ego he has, how extremely patronising he is, how he thinks and wants people to think he is some kind of messiah and the more i think he is definitely a disinfo agent. if you really want to hear something worth hearing then you cant go wrong with richard dolan, he doesnt pretend to know it all, if hes asked a question and he doesnt know he just says so unlike greer, hes honest saying such as "i hypothesise" where as greer insists eveything he says is fact where there is no way he can know virtually anything he comes out with for sure, im also fed up of hearing greer saying i did a breifing for blah blah blah like all politicians call on him all the time! i call bullshit, im not saying all he says is bs but most is disinfo in my opinion.

  2. Ya I was digging into UFOs and ancient cultures/tech for years along the "ancient aliens" line and Greer was a big part of the UFO scene and I followed his work closely, but he is nothing but a shill and deceiver like a lot of the big names in that field. Anyone who spends as much time as I have looking into these things can only come to one logical conclusion: they aren't form "outer space", theyre demonic entitites and these guys have spent WAY more time than I have looking into this and still push the satanic "aliens from other planets" bullshit.

  3. Just like you say about this guy “he still believes in “ that’s how I feel about people and monotheistic religions or I guess religions in general. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I do know that the more we think we know the less we actually do

  4. thys guy WHO TALKS ABOUT ALIENS is a wolf in desquise ,pretending to be man but he realy is the devil making you belive alien exist when its clear they dont exist ,your mind is atack becarfull belive him you will deny jesus christ ,and jesus cast out demons stop beliving this LIAR his soul shall perish forever earth is not a spining gloBE wake up to the truth ,this guy is a hoax and a total liar there is no such thing as space we ar trapt under a dome made by god almighty stop beliving people start searching for GOD , FAST I URGE YOU TO LOOK INTO FLATH EARTH ITS THE TRUTH EARTH IS NTO A SPINING GLOEB YOUR UNDER HIPNOSIS OF LIES .

  5. Greer is also one who visits remote places "of power", and group meditates to make contact with the "alien space brothers". We know what this means. He's getting his instructions from spirits. Dunno if he is doing any drugs, burning man, etc. I could google it if it really mattered.

  6. I've been screaming from the rooftops since Greer seriously appeared on the scene that this guy is nothing more than a government paid disinformation expert who is going to be quite essential in the upcoming UFO deception that has been in the works prior to the 19th century. It's a coin-toss as to whether or not it will actually be Greer or the phony Pope who makes the "official" announcement of Alien/UFO contact however, you can bet Greer will be one of their so-called experts. He has always been in the background until recent years and then all of a sudden Dr. Steven Greer explodes on the scene of Alien/UFO phenomenon and that to me is one serious red flag we need to pay attention to!!!

  7. Some of what he says seems like the truth but I think alot is just bull shit , he needs to get proof of what he is saying before he is classed as a mental case and a total bullshitter.

  8. A. – When ever I see this 'Greer" fella, something in me just…uh…'twists'? Is it just me? his mannerisms – constantly pulling at his collar and shirt etc. …and for some reason, to me, he resembles Homer Simpson…he doesn't look 'real'.
    B. – I have begun to wonder why NASA 'lets' us see their obviously fake performances aboard the ISS and poolside 'space walks', why the validity of the moon landing being called into question is 'allowed'…why the incredible uptick in the 'end times' and constellation 'signs' memes in the last few months – for that matter, the blood moon memes from 2015…why the 'resurgence' of 'flat earth phylosophy'?
    Are we being programmed to believe a manipulation of events that will explain, not just our physical "rescue", but our 'spiritual' rescue as well….are we being 'primed' for the possible 'disappearance' (murder/"sacrifice") of millions? {re: this question: are we about to find out what happened to the Mayans?]
    I wonder these things because I remember muslim leaders announcing their ability to maneuver 'end times' situations to manipulate the coming of their 'savior'…would the vatican attempt the same – does it? And we all MUST know of the narcissistic attitudes of the luciferians – this is their prime aim!…the manipulation of ALL things!
    …just a brain fart…maybe I'm just 'over-dissecting' dots.


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