First half of the video is me reading and commenting on this article:

Second half is just some fun archive NASA stuff about the moon rocks, for those of you who might enjoy listening to the old propaganda….



  1. Where is the evidence of active/dormant volcanos or mountain range that caused the volcanic moon rocks. I suppose you don't need evidence when we were happy to accept every word we were told about this wonderful and interesting new human achievement and discovery i.e. man on the moon in 1969. Now 50 years later after watching it all unfold before my own eyes at school, I just feel totally foolish and violated.

  2. Oh that was cruel Will putting us through what seemed to be a billion years of fakery footage 😅.
    I wonder how these legitimate scientists feel when they work out they were involved in a mighty scam on humanity by the NASA LUNARtics. Billions of dollars wasted while people sleep on the streets…..

  3. Sounds like the new world, columbus goons kick everyone to death-if they dont bow. Somebody without a masonic ring -should have went along,to "the moon"" just to watch the brotherhood – get thier moon rocks off this speakers voice is meserizing you.

  4. A simple question raised on me while i watched this video…how NASA can explain that the dust that is raised from the "steps" of the astronauts fals so eath-naturaly back and dont go up (lunar "gravity" seems equal to the earth one)

  5. Nasholes seize fake moon rock from Grandma to make sure it's earthly origins are never discovered. What a bunch of scum bags. How many trillions have they hoaxed from us ? We need a refund and I say we take it from their ass.

  6. it's IMPOSSIBLE to go to the moon, so they NEVER WENT, and the 'manned moon landings' were filmed in a STUDIO on behalf of the SATANIC VATICAN, because NASA was founded by NAZI Wernher von Braun who collected the 'moon rocks' on ANTARCTICA.
    The former Soviet Union was (is: through RUSSIA) part of the CONSPIRACY, because COMMUNISM was invented by the JESUITS.
    The earth is ROUND and FLAT with a FIRMAMENT, and JESUS is coming!
    Are you saved?

  7. Oh dear. It's horrible the way they treated that poor lady. I'd forgotten about people having "moon rocks." I just checked Ebay – people are buying "Lunar Meteorite Rocks" for hundreds of dollars. This deception makes my head rotate on its axis.

  8. So I start to watch your video, and over in the sidebar I notice a video saying, "Speeding asteroid will not hit Earth, but it will be close !! " and there's the black and white "photo" of an asteroid. And I'm thinking, who took that photo so close? Its so in focus, considering both the camera AND asteroid are zipping through space zillions of miles per hour. And not only that, but all the craters are exactly circular. Not random, oval-shaped smears of collisions, but perfect circles.

  9. The opening segment of this video reminds me of an ad in a magazine I saw a few months back. This particular watchmaker was selling expensive watches, $35,000 a piece, because the watchmaker claimed to have moon dust "crushed from moon rocks" were sprinkles on the watch face.


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