“The Hollow Earth Chronicles” [Trailer]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un5KZm_C_5A

SkyWatchTV News 2/22/17: Israel Bombs Damascus — and the Earth is Round https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNZFiK4NV_s



  1. the bearded false teaching pharisee from about 6:30 onwards i could hardly listen to, in his smart suit and tie and braces and lavish studio all purchased with money flowing in from the sheeple desperate for their next hyperbolic sensational spiritual fix. la marzulli michael heiser tom horne steve quayle, timothy alberino rob skiba trey smith and their latest recruit baby-faced and immature in Christ steve barcanz who is lapping up and promoting every alien story going atm. woe to these blind false prophets when we all, on That Great Day, stand before our Mighty Loving Just Creator God of Glory!

  2. Derek Gilbert or he is mentally disoriented, or he been blind by the devil with a juice bank account and other interests, but for sure just to heard him talking about the subject is like seem another evident satanic influence !! because he can not see what is there Infront of his own eyes …he us just another miserable poor brainwash individual !!

  3. Breaks my heart to see professing Christians a) deny the word, and b) treating the Gospel as a commodity, to be sold for profit.
    I do not understand how you can see the truth of Genesis chapter 6, but deny the truth of Genesis chapter 1. So they rational-lies by saying that God is a liar, that he lied to Moses about creation, but only because he had to because ignorant sheep herders couldn't understand the concept of a spinning ball. But think about that. If the spinning ball was true(it's not) why would God not correct the biblical authors? So that later on, when our technology progressed to the point that we discovered that it is in fact a spinning ball, we could look back and say well God got this wrong, what else did he lie about? Is any of the Bible true? God would be destroying his own credibility in the minds of both believers and non-believers. It's a totally nonsensical argument that comes from assumption, ignorance and pride.
    Is God a man that he should lie? I maintain that his word is true, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21
    IDK if you will read this Will, but if you do, I want you to know that you have been an invaluable resource and I thank God, in our Lord's Jesus Christ name, for all that you have done sir.
    – A Fellow Believer

  4. If they can get the vast majority of us humans to embrace the mindset of "out of sight out of mind" with this search for Sasquatch mentality. Then themselves are part of the Great deception. This is why nobody seems to challenge Timothy Albarino are Tom Horn on the Flat Earth subject. When you get a grip on the cosmology of this place it changes everything. By the way traveling at a speed of 666000 miles an hour it sure seems like to me you'd run into heaven at some point in time. By listening to these guys, (and I do appreciate you bringing it to my attention) they're holding on to a half-truth. Maybe it's just that simple. Or wickedesty and nefarious !

  5. marzulli and quale kill me with their books..let alone all the Bandwagon jumpers. Last chapter of Ecclesiastes Solomon said too many books is wearisome..I concur. I don't think The Lord would approve .

  6. Female pastors is also a itching topic for skywatch.
    And for many.
    Is Paul talking in similitudes.?
    I believe that will be their explanation on that issue too.

    I feel sorry for them.

    Great video.

  7. 21st century of Astro Physics, Christian Astronots!Crap personified! Scientism has a strong hold on Christians who try to combine science with the Bible! You can’t serve 2 masters, you will end up hating one and loving the other!

  8. …ALL RIGHTS RESERVED… The more I watch your videos the more I would hope to share dialect. I really appreciate your candor! Your effort lines up with Truth 100! Praise YH! Truly disappointed with Justen. When I was on fb I was friends with him thru the early portion of his journey and was privvy to witnessing his hard ships with getting thay project done and over that journey I wondered during my homelessness if he would get the break he was looking for. The FE movement was starting to Trend but I got off FB and didn't see the end except his PodCasts. I really couldn't understand how they would accept the vril and operations paperclip and not accept nasa (in hebrew means "to deceive) for their lies… I didn't see this skywatch footage but is very telling… "You shall know them by their fruits" Please keep em coming, I now sub and watch Thanks To YHUH In and Of Our Mashyah YAHUSHA By ha'RUAH AMAT(Spirit of Truth) May The Most High Baruk you and Keep you in His Son's esteem favour and compassion! AMAT (TRUTH) Free us! Shalum

  9. (7:008:00 )He pretty much just said that astrophysics trumps the Bible. The Bible is only relevant so far as it agrees with astrophysics. The moment astrophysics and the Bible disagree, the Bible has to be reinterpreted as "metaphorical"

    hmmmm… This means, that in his mind whoever is the interpreter of astrophysics (AKA pseudoscience) has the power to inform us what we can and can't believe of the Bible.

    The more and more I look at this Biblical cosmology subject the more I am convinced that the globe could very well be the GREAT deception of the end times.

  10. That skywatch reporter is not a Christian, he, like the others there, are of a different faith.
    Their faith clearly teaches that deception(outright lies) are acceptable within their faith.

    Good catch tTiSTF, far too many people believe whatever they see on TV.

  11. Watched that video, what a joke, they pick and choose what to believe as metaphor and figurative. The Truth is not appealing to everyone and not as seductive as the lies. Truth for lies to sell books and for money, all the while leading people astray. I wonder if they believe if Yeshua Hamashiach metaphorically rose from the dead to life everlasting at the right hand of the Father. I find it comical that Derek presumes to know what Moses was shown and assumes his intelligence is inferior to modern day 'scientists.'

    On Bush Jr. James 2:19 – Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

  12. "If you're going to hide something and keep it secret," begins LA Marzulli in the vid…  "you use your propaganda, deception, and mind control apparatus to make the people believe in an altered reality."  (my ending).   Then, Josh Peck says when speaking about Admiral Byrd's expedition, "we've learned a lot about Quantum Physics since then."    Yikes!  (Who is "we" – does he have a quantum mouse in his pocket?) The man relies upon occult-based knowledge to form his own ideas about the nature of the world?   It's amazing these men can find secret history of the giants, and the underworld, etc., but when it comes to fallen corrupt occult science, they are blind!   When it comes to truth, these men fall short, way short.  They miss the biggest deception of all.   Their biblical worldview has been infused with false worldly ideas.   Psst – hey guys – the greatest deception of all time (alien savior) could not happen without the REAL greatest deception of all time – a Copernican universe.  So, those poor ancient lugheads couldn't understand a Copernican universe, so the Bible had to be written in simplistic terms so those dumb ancients could grasp it.  Wow.    Bottom line – the Bible must be interpreted AS THE AUTHOR intended…there are so many references to a fixed immobile earth and the firmament, that to say these are all figures of speech of one kind or another is absurd.   The plain reading of scripture points to a flat earth, with the earth being the center of physical creation.  Period.   End of debate.

  13. The Bible uses anthropomorphism? Concerning God? I stopped the video @ 7:43 and looked at a few articles and verses. Confused about this statement. Maybe I'm being obtuse. I realize we are not God and His ways are not our ways. But the Bible says we are made in His image. And to read these articles it makes it seem like we cannot "know" God. I understand my human mind is not like God's mind. But I'm not sure I'm on board with that. If I can't know God, then what is the point?

  14. Justen Faull doing great job regarding Underworld research, but it is only one piece of puzzle. By knowing that heliocentrism is a lie and Earth is not as presented by mainstream you have additional piece of puzzle 🙂 By knowing that there are Illuminati, devil, other things that most people call conspiracy theories and instantly dismiss you have additional pieces of puzzle, but you still don't have all pieces of puzzle and need continue to search for the Truth as it is. Jesus Christ is the Truth and only way to salvation from Lake of Fire. You can know many things about this world, but knowledge alone do not save you. Therefore, seek the Truth and Knowledge about this world and Wisdom, but make sure that you are saved by King of Kings Jesus Christ.

  15. THE ONLY THING NASA PUT IN TO SPACE IS ARE MINDS – Kicking NASA in the Balls!!!  FAKE SPACE PHOTOS CGI, ,TRUMP'S MAFIA MACHINE , LIGHT COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER AND EARTH IS FLAT, TRUMP KNOWS THAT GOD IS REAL AND SPACE IS FAKE NEWS, NASA IS GOING DOWN, FAKE SpaceX NASAASS A JOKE, IF YOU THINK SPACE IS REAL YOU LOST YOUR MIND and your money space is fake we live under The Firmament Look on  YOUTUBE  Eric Dubay 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Trust NASA, Jack Parsons , Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy! Rob Skiba ,   ODD Reality,,  jeranism,  GLOBEBUSTERS,,  aplanetruth.info ,  Continent, Mt. Meru , https://youtu.be/XMzYj-Lsn34  Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to find the Dome ,http://www.sacred-texts.com/earth/za/

  16. Tartarus is another dimension within the darkest part of Hades much like a mini black hole from which not even those once powerful fallen ones can escape til Judgment Day and is not part of the higher dimensional paradise worlds inside the Hollow Earth proper ……. Amen ??? LOL

  17. I am the Laffing Booda 777 from the paradise vacation spot called Agartha inside the Hollow Earth next to the Pleaidean Star base near the Rainbow City about 700 miles inside the North Polar opening entrance visited by Admiral Byrd …

    Amen … ??? LOL

  18. Timothy Alberino, who is a an excellent researcher is one of them. I loved his videos about America and the legends.  But was so disappointed when I came across his video condoning the celebration of Christmas.  He of all people who has done the research could not have missed the history on the origins of Christmas.  It's then I realized which side he was really on.  Either you are a genuine truther or you are not.  Can't have it both ways.  At the end of the day you have to serve one Master.  I pray they will all open their eyes and hearts to the truth.

    Peace and blessings!


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