“Hacking Reality” (Quantum Gravity Research) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJi3_znm7ZE

“MIND BLOWING” FLAT EARTH TALK with Shane Dawson & His Brother https://youtu.be/UM4wZpFpw0U

There Are No Spoons on Flat Earth? (Simulation Theory)

Jim Carrey, Tetrahedrons & the Flower of Death

Aethereal: The Battle for Heaven and Earth



  1. i completely agree with you mark sargent and the controlled opposition, simulation theory, concave earth theory are all psycops. this is a simulation, bullshit double think turning the believer into a parody of themselves, fucken insane Earth is flat stationary geocentric with a dome, water above and water below. .you don t have to like it

  2. I really miss your in depth videos…… you were really on to something special. With everything going on right now, I pray the Lord would move you to pick up the struggle again.

  3. I'm not buying it bud. You'll attack any dimension except your personal Christian bias vs new age, when they are practically the same. Your team vs their team. There is only one team. Focus on connection in the question and stop pretending you have answers that just might have been made to be paradox and unanswerable, just to allow us to create and guess. Like the the visuals and the videography, you have great content, just very biased synopsis. Change your perspective change your reality.😉

  4. If nobody believes that God didn't create the earth as a simulation first watch Awake Souls videos and decide for your self. Also Jesus true name from what I been studying is either Yahawashi or Yahusha but truth stranger than fiction won't tell you that.

  5. Truth is stranger then fiction don't be foolish and lead Christian a stray. I disagree Awake Souls is Christian and he already proved that the earth not just flat but it is a simulation that God created. Why do you think the sun follows you where ever you go its because its programmed in every body perspective of sight. New age has nothing to do with a simulation remember even satan mixes truth with lies just because simulation theory has some lies does not mean it's all a lie.

  6. Truth is they are hiding it from us knowlege is power imagine if we all obtain this knowlege society would collapse on itself then they would have to start over (ww3) many possibilities many outcomes alot to gain and alot to lose the world will never be the same everyone that denies it their subconscious knows its the truth so lie to yourself all you want thats what they want distractions, bills, laws, race, religion, class is to divide the masses along wih media, shows, news, music even your fav sport teams divide us small or big its to suppress us putting us a step back while the 1% plot playing the game we just haven't taken our moves the ones that do sacrifice there lives imagine us all unite to save ourselves our next generation will fall for it hard take action just follow me

  7. Lots of talk about DMT lately
    One thing I feel like I should say is that DMT is being pushed by a lot of celebs at the moment.
    Celebs are not people that should be trusted.
    Celebs are all in on some real fucked up shit, as most of us know.

    So why try DMT knowing all these celebs preaching it are satanists?
    Maybe look at what people experience with DMT. Usually people will describe meeting a scary entity, a lot of the time a snake & they'll describe how tormented and filled with horror they are until they give in to the snake and let it take over them.

    Just a theory, but what if there is something like Satan that we're unaware of? What if we've been brainwashed for generations now to not believe in such a thing? What if it's real though & DMT is you giving up your soul to a bad realm once you die? Who knows.

    Mushrooms on the other hand.. they seem to give people similar but very different experiences & entities people see on mushrooms aren't the same.
    I personally haven't seen any entities on mushrooms, the highest dose I've had was 4G dried on an empty stomach & I am telling you right now that I had some fucking crazy spiritual shit that makes me think 100% that there is a lot more than just our physical world. I know for a fact my body is just a container for me. But that's not something I can prove, or properly put into words for people who have never experienced what I did. It's not possible to explain the realisation and profound feeling I had.

  8. I don't know why I had missed this video, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! And you are so right, how someone could Embrace Flat Earth and leave God out of the equation is beyond me.
    And in regards to Mark Sargent, don't get me wrong I've absolutely appreciated the information he has shared about the "physical" Flat Earth, yet he continues to disregard God as creator of man's habitat. And much of his theorem as you said is no better than the new age rhetoric. And in my opinion there are only two sides so as it turns out unfortunately his theory is luciferian. Even after sharing such beneficial information. As it stands I watch some of his videos guardedly, much of it is too silly and too long anyway let alone the fact that he refuses to give God the glory. Or his reasoning as to how God operates are so ridiculous that it's hard to continue watching his programming. I really hope that brother "really" wakes up. Sincerely. Let that Hollywood crap go and embrace God the Creator of our precious Flat Earth brother Mark.

  9. Either way don't get the Occult mockery, DMT and all that BS mixed up with God's true creation which is a flat earth plain with a dome firmament. Go read Genesis 1. "Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as molten looking glass." Job37:18. " The Heavens declare God's Glory and the Firmament shewth his handiwork. " Psalm 19:1 Things that make you go hummm.. why did Werner von Braun put Psalm 19:1 on his grave? If anyone would know whether they could really go to space or whether there is a barrier like the firmament he would know. So you tell me why is it on his tombstone. Repentant? Mock?

  10. Regardless of how it is being packaged and marketed, the reality is very simple and undeniable. Whatever you want to call the ‘medium’ we are experiencing our existence within, there can be no doubt that It is digital, holographic, and fractal. A single shape connected and rearranged in trillions of combinations, that is programmable and with a form of intelligent direction responding to interactions, that repeats in layers to form a torrid. This is undeniable and at every stage of examination it is re-discovered. However be advised, and this applies across the board, a description…IS NOT AN EXPLANATION! The only thing that matters is the who and why. That’s answered and John 3:16!
    There’s a reason why you go to court and raise your right hand and agree to a tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” Deception takes many forms. Just because God chose to develop our moral compass in a simulation to “protect” the rest of His creation from the possibility of our evil spreading and contaminating the heavens AGAIN….does not mean sim theory is fundamentally evil. Truth is the Enemy’s greatest weapon because he uses it to hide his lies. When the devil pisses on your lawn….you don’t need to tear up the whole yard, just get a hose and wash it off. The WORD OF GOD always does the job!!

  11. People who sit around and ask whether it's all real, maybe it's all a simulation, have had too much food, too much leisure, too little toil and way too little pain in their lives. If you ever wonder if it's all real, go out into your garage, grab your sledgehammer, place your finger flat on the concrete floor and slam the sledgehammer into it with all your might. You will in that moment sweep away a lifetime's worth of useless navel-gazing and know the truth beyond all doubt. Pain makes real.

  12. I did shrooms and saw the flower of life all over the walls , ceilings and floors. It is a flat stationary plane with a firmament above but it's within a simulation. Our bodies are avatars. It's all created and creation requires a creator. It only proves there's an almighty creator. What's the problem? Where's the conflict? Where's the contradiction? The physical reality is an illusion!

  13. Everybody has realized a little part of truth, thinks know it all.
    No matter in what believe… flat earther,
    Darviinists, creationists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus…
    I think every body fells something is seriously wrong with this kind of life we living, and try to express it somehow. You can't discredit all people because nobody is mr. Know it all!

  14. I disagree. Simulation theory is the fastest and easiest way to lead someone to Christ that I can think of! Flat earth is nothing more than a final proof that there really is a13th floor and the entrance to heaven is found there! The great paradox of matter versus energy and spirit versus flesh are contained in the simulation theory. The question is what is being simulated? Is there a reality being copied and the copy is not real? Is this as they say a “shadow” of the real world which is found in the spiritual dimension? Is there an other “dimension” and how is one defined? Frankly I have come to the conclusion that there are no physical dimensions so there are not any spiritual ones either. There is only the simulation with a single set of rules that govern the wavelength and frequency of all. There is no spiritual dimension the same way there is no “time” dimension. Theses are abstract concepts and sophistry to over complicate the very simple. Time is a convenient way to measure change. Space is the tool to measure change. Change is how we measure value. Value fuels our motion.

  15. WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALLY GOD, Christianity is a mindcontrol operation stemming from the vatican. PEACE. LOVE. AND LSD/DMT!!! The Lords(Lord being satan) prayer aka Our Father is a alchemical instruction for sex magick.

  16. What if there's somebody out there trying to prepare us and desensitize Us by all of this commercial fiction to help us when the shit hits the fan we don't all go insane and riot we might accept it just like we accept Donald Trump

  17. These people talking about living in a simulation make my brain hurt. it was relatively easy for me to come around to the FACT that the earth is flat based on simply the lies of NASA and Satan is the ruler of this world and he will do anything to disprove God's word. bottom line these simulation / heliocentricity / quantum physics / evolution theory's are just lies from Satan.

  18. I'm with you, but I think that the purpose of mixing the simulation part, etc. Was more to "discredit", the topic. In favor of that youtuber.

    Not to cause him unsubscribes. Remember, YouTube is his cashflow.

    That's what I perceived. Still, I hope he seeks salvation.


  19. So at what point do we get back to the blood and gosple of salvation is the shape of the earth the key to salvation or is the blood of christ and belief on who he said he is the key to salvation my point is this the author of confusion doesnt care what truth you seek he cares about can he make you question and than doubt your belifs this is why the amor of God is important flat or round it is a great thinking tool but to put so much importance on it to me is a trap why because i can get so lost intrying to prove eaither one that i put an information overload to a person that is a truth

  20. Has NASA or any space agency From any country put a live video camera on a satellite out there in space looking back at the earth and the moon in motion around in our solar system at any time I would like to see all the space junk floating in our atmosphere I would like to see the satellites floating around a planet in the clouds and the airplanes and all that stuff has it ever been done I need to see some proof of what earth really looks like after all these years of space exploration I can’t believe I can’t find anything on this Flip one of those solar satellites around so we can get a good look at the earth and all the stuff in motion wow we could even see what the other side of the moon looks like wouldn’t that be something


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