VFTB 359: Stan Deyo – Tesla, Trump, and Power: https://youtu.be/bp1-if1rJiM

Stan Deyo sharing about his meeting with Donald Trump’s Uncle, Progressor John Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwxNTGpM1cQ

Special Thanks to UrBrain Wash ; “The Flat Earth – Electric Winds”: https://youtu.be/DAJYLMkMGsw



  1. Why do all flatearth video have less views numbers than nasa videos of globe earth and disvoberychannel ect ect this video is two jears age only 10k views and nasa video only two months over a mil views thats rare footage if you ask me flatearths rock the plane et (planet)lol

  2. At one point Tesla worked for edison… Edison was financed by big business…teslas idea would have made all conventional energy unnecessary…

    Now Elon musk has the nerve to use teslas name…

    When asked what it was like to be the smartest man alive Albert Einstein replied…
    "I dont know,ask Nicolai Tesla"
    This is one of the original modern day stories of what truthers thrive on…in the time of the industrial revolution, the illumanati was already in total control
    Stan deyo is brilliant…I just wish he stayed away from Tom horns cartel…

    They mock flat earth…even though it is entirely biblical..
    .but allow way more fringe concepts get total attention…cities under the earth… and so on…

    This is probably the biggest conundrum for me of all…how the flat earth movement is trying to.liberate the church from the vast and great deception…many in the prophecy industry right us off as whacky fringe…talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

    I feel the ostrazation…and am very reticent to even bring this topic up…in '15 when it really broke loose I shared it with many…the honest ones believed it…but would never admit that for fear of what's now the status quo …

    Regardless…I'm so grateful to have been made aware…if you cant handle some persecution on this topic…what will you do when it gets serious…

    The laodecian church is a lot deeper into the world than any of us can imagine. Babylon …maranatha

  3. I remember in the early 2000s Art Bell mentioning that he built a giant HF radio antenna for his HAM setup, and it blew up his rig. He ended up having to ground out over 400 volts of "current from the air" to use it safely. It changed his mind about how seriously to take the "free energy conspiracies" of his guests and callers.

  4. could the observations we have of the quantum dimensions be just another deception to correlate with the kabbalah , are quantum entanglement & action at a distance just more demonic tricks and sorcery to enslave our minds in the last days ?

  5. That sun business that he was talking about makes no sense (solar winds). No matter how much people try to make the ball earth make sense they lose me because it sounds so farfetched. Your right bro! All of this stuff works better on a flat plane. These people want to blur the truth because it's easier to understand. If all of these things were easy to understand we wouldn't need scientists to explain anything. They want people to depend on them. Matthews 23:7, they want to be called wise and smart by everyone. Men pleasers is all they are.

  6. When Stan Deyo starts talking about this energy, arms, hitting the ionosphere at 1,000,000 miles an hour, that must really smack the ISS.(lol)
    Thank you for this video.
    I found Stan Deyo to be deceptive a long time ago. He sells his books.

  7. I cant stand to listen to any of these guys any more. Funny enough, out of the bunch Tex Mars was the only one who started to look into Flat Earth, than boom, all of a sudden he dies!

  8. +the Truth is stranger than fiction.. DO YOU KNOW….is there a unified group or persons actively pushing Tesla's work on the electromagnetic universe forward? It is SO VERY exciting to me,,, I cannot understand why this has not happened yet, on a grassroots level! It does indeed tie so many things together. I can see, from reading about Tesla's fight with Edison…. the propaganda to make Tesla's theories look dangerous and uncontrollable. But the new experimenters show its calm sensibility and logic. And quite elegant. (My skills are in Music, art and writing ~~~and science is my least natural subject but even I can see the sense it makes!) I want more than to just OWN a beautiful TESLA automobile….(graphite, alloy wheels, light leather interior LOL) I want to see Nikola's work and Nikola's genius recognized. Wouldn't this be incredible??? I hope some young upstart millennials– with nothing to lose– bust this wide open!!

  9. When God says: "Let there be light", it doesn't show that light was the first thing that God created, he uses words to create light, so sound preceded light…. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God.
    I do like your video's 🙂

  10. Fact: One of the ruling elite J.P. Morgan bought the patent for Tesla's free energy machine and ofcourse promptly threw it away. Which is why the mainstream currently have no free energy.

  11. Last Saturday I got visited by friends. He had lately become open to FLAT EARTH. Once I had a wedding service at the isle of MALLORCA and a baptism of his two sons (this guy had enough money having me invited as Pastor performing the service). Anyway, recently he got convinced of the GLOBE LIE AND HIS READINESS OF ACCEPTING BIBLICAL CREATION RATHER THAN UNGODLY EVOLUTION. He told me that he solved A RIDDLE so to speak: IF ONLY ONE HUMAN IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF CREATION WOULD BE WILLING TO HAVE ONLY A LITTLE FAITH IN GOD, SATAN WOUL HAVE LOST. Only a little faith, as the famous singer from Sheffield / England, Joe COCKER, has said (see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1232F5ZWMo )… And I remembered that there is a verse in the New Testament EXPRESSING THAT VERY THOUGHT. In Rom 3:22 it reads in Greek δικαιοσύνη δὲ Θεοῦ διὰ πίστεως Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ, εἰς πάντας τοὺς πιστεύοντας – LITERALLY:  and the righteousness of God (is) through the FAITH OF to all, and upon all those believing… The Genitive construction πίστεως Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ / PISTEOS IESOU CHRISTOU appears again in many texts of Paul… it is NOT necessarily FAITH IN JESUS CRHRIST but simply: OF JESUS Christ… The guy is right. Never have I thought that by this way I would understand the meaning. THE WRONGLY TRANSLATED VERSE IS NOT FAITH IN CHRIST but FAITH OF CHRIST! We are saved by the FAITH OF CHRIST! This means GOSPEL… Greetings from Germany

  12. "research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light" -Tohoku Institute of Technology in Sendai, Japan.
    This light is in direct correlation with the body's circadian rhythm, with its peak brightness at approximately 4PM. Also, the light is most dim when cortisol levels are at their peak in the morning.

  13. LSC EARTH, presents the correct form of the heavens and earth, the stationary concave cellular earth (glass sky) the ultimate solution, remember the truth is stranger than fiction,

  14. Tesla was da man! He had so much knowledge about how it all worked and with the ball model it just seemed hard to understand, but on the flat earth it all makes
    perfect sense! The Earth, Sun and Moon work by electromagnetism.

  15. I have a feeling that when God said "let their be light" Befor he created the sun…. What was realy ment was that he created "Lite" (as in Something that is Not heavey)… And then he Divided the Light from darkness. Darkness being heavy things.. He was creating that we call Gravity !! Light and Darkness = Lite And heavy elimants… And as we observe the eliments around us.
    They ARE split from each other, lite from heavy.. Is it me or am i on to something ??
    Cheers for the Vid.. it helped me come to this thought 🙂

  16. Brother, sorry I don't know your name yet, but what is your scriptural basis for providing the body with your research and spending your time researching? I'm new to the body of Christ and just am curious because I highly respect you and the work you publish. God Bless you!

  17. Everything works better on a Flat Enclosed Earth – Positive stuff like Free Energy, but also Negative stuff – Think about things like Chemtrails and HAARP being poured into the ether every minute of everyday. We don't know exactly to what end, but an enclosed system will eventually be overwhelmed and their nefarious purposes will be achieved without intervention.

  18. Funny thing here in Norway Wednesday; one of the biggest media houses (tv2.no) presented an article (http://www.tv2.no/a/6855965/) with the headline "The Earth might be flat after all". They mentioned some theory of a Dr.Susskind from the 90's about hologram Earth, then further investigated by a group of scientists, led by Daniel Grumiller in recent years apparently! It is the third time in just a couple of months that this topic had been mentioned in the media in Norway (predictive programming at its best?).
    Take care and be safe!😊

  19. It's raining ions all the time inside the dome of the earth's magnetic rain. 40 ft of a copper wire line are enough to capture some atmospheric current. Stick the wire below ground. 2 feet will do it. now put your hand on the wire and you'll feel it. The higher in height you go, the more concentrated the current. Wind it or better yet, put a capacitor in series to handle the frequency and a transformer in parallel… and you've got free electricity baby! Also you'll have some sparks going on at the very top, due to the Franklin effect, so watch out for the government. They'll see the sparks from far away and put you away.

  20. Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower project initially JP Morgan funded… After one year Morgan withdrew because he hadn't seen a return on his investment. His classic argument was, "If any one can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?" "have nothing to sell except antennas [and refused] to contribute to that charity.” Whilst looking for these quotes I found something interesting… Tesla…
    "Popularly explained, it is exactly this: When we raise the voice and hear an echo in reply, we know that the sound of the voice must have reached a distant wall, or boundary, and must have been reflected from the same."
    "Instead of sending sound vibrations toward a distant wall, I have sent electrical vibrations toward the remote boundaries of the Earth, and instead of the wall the Earth has replied. In place of an echo I have obtained a stationary electrical wave, a wave reflected from afar.” And so my fellow flatties, do you think the editor had something to say about that?….
    <Note: Reflected from the antipodean point on the far side of the globe – Ed]

  21. doesn't everyone know the earth is flat ?
    You should look into lightning as well , I think it's called sprites that go up to the firmament to complete the circuit.

  22. Do you believe that all these top secret UFO aircrafts we see are genuinely created by the government or is it fallen angel/alien technology? Like are Vimanas original human creation from the past or is that fallen angel tech?


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