This is an idea I had last night about putting together a video featuring as many “Flat Earth testimonies” as could be assembled, basically speaking to the idea of FE bringing people to the realization that there must be a Creator. If you are interested in participating (i.e., having your own experience included in the compilation) then you can send me mp3 or other audio files at “thetruthisstrangerthanfiction44 (at) ymail (dot) com”

Very interested to hear what people think about this idea, and if we can amass a decent amount of testimonials, then I’ll go ahead and see what I can put together.



  1. big phalic me the call me mophias the living nigga whatch you know life anything else is a lie
    i run across the flat earth saw know life but i always look at the sun in hello they hated me cuz they aint me their all trans lyer all of the stuff is fake i want go to the livng waters any thing else is a lie.
    i tell my story its me the only life here ill show you am the illumanated one.

    Yes it's such a phenomenon, people coming out of atheism because of FE and reading the Bible properly for the first time, because of the God of the Bible drawing them. They are in fact in a better place than some of us who, although professing belief in the God of the Bible, refuse to see the elephant in the room ' Heliocentrist global sun worship' parading as proven Truth!
    I myself am totally blown away by my own globalist past for the main part of my life![ Although never buying into evolution, which I recognized as being utterly stupid.] So I am now realizing that I have been blessed with repentance from that! And repentance from so great a falsehood and affront to YHWH needs to be public, so that it is a record of someone admitting to YHWH openly that they have been wrongminded towards Him and His created Heaven and Earth. Shalom to you in Christ Jesus.

  3. Thank you for your videos.. I'm just 18 and no one around me knows to the extent I have come to truth, I'm the only Christian in my family. I'd have no idea how to tell anyone what I believe and see about the world now. I was different before.. and now it's like the Christian life is ridiculous to 99% of people. I'm seriously physically sick as well and so I have limited reach / ability.
    I pray we all have the strength to stand against the norm so deeply.

    Anyway you sound like such a genuine person. This is a good idea and I think if I were healthy I'd try building up the courage to recording something.
    Were you a Christian before flat earth? I keep thinking it's not so good that flat earth lead me to Christ, like maybe I should have done something more to come to truth even before I discovered all the lies. Because I remember first stumbling across stuff about the illuminati when I was like 13 or something, and 9/11 and moonlandings etc. But it wasn't until this year I came to Christianity.

  4. This is a great idea! I've saw a couple of testimonies on YouTube and they are definitely my favorite!

    I'm 37 and have doubted the existence of God. I was definitely leaning toward atheism basing my beliefs off science. I heard about flat earth on the radio and laughed it off. Almost a yr later it popped up on a suggested video on YouTube. I figured I'd give it a listen mostly just for laughs. After watching 1 video I was hooked. I set about trying to prove them wrong. When I realized I couldn't the reality that I was living on a flat earth set in and it's all been a lie. Flat earth has shown me the existence of God and how Satan is at work here! My whole perspective has changed.

    I'm about 4 months in now. I still haven't discussed it with people in real life besides my wife. I'm trying to work up the nerve to suggest it to some of my church friends but I doubt they will be receptive. I've been crusading on Reddit and any other site trying just to spread the word. I doubt I will be finding any churches who share my beliefs so I will pray to god in my own way.

    This is big for me. I always a fan of NASA and space. I sucked it up, loved it! Sort of silently mocked people for believing in God. Flat earth has really opened my eyes and I know the world would be a better place if the truth was told. It just amazes me that churches have went along with the bullshiit science pushes. It also amazes me that Christians aren't receptive to flat earth. I just don't understand it.

  5. I'm on board with you…as a long time Christian and missionary,the flat earth has proven to be the 2nd greatest revelation beside the revelation of Jesus Christ , himself…I have also suffered lots of persecution..even to the point of being told to keep my mouth shut and being relieved of duty for opening up the flat earth scriptures!!

  6. I also went through a hard time when I started to wake up and see all that is going on. It was so horrifying till I realized my flesh is of the world but my should belongs to God and my savior Jesus Christ. This is why God is being patient. So we may awake and many of his lost sheep will be found.

  7. great idea. people who are willing to even consider something like flat earth are different than others. there is a humble willingness to say everything I believed could be untrue, could be amazingly different.  I have a great love for god and just learned this theory and it challenges me to open myself to any established creed or doctrine. thanks for your work

  8. you like cool music. check out the band Theocracy. their songs I Am, laying the demon to rest, Nailed, Martyr, and Mirror of Souls are awesome! Their a christian rock band. check em out

  9. Although I'm agnostic, I would be interested in seeing/hearing such a compilation. It seems paradoxical that Christians would reject the flat earth when, I've heard, the Bible refers to the flat earth and the firmament. How can they say there is anything "satanic" about it when it's in the Bible? It seems like Christians would be the natural foot soldiers for spreading the flat earth message. Best of luck on this project! Audiences will love it as long as the people and testimonials real and true.


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