FLAT EARTH TESTIMONY: “From the edge of the cliff…” (Daniel)

Looks like this will make video #19 in my “Flat Earth Testimonies” Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL9ucTHJx18&list=PLykEf23rbpPOn7oqafzXqj3-h3WLHLUVc

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  1. Wow!! I love this share.
    Such a cool, calm voice and melodious delivery.
    I feel like I could have been with you in that dark bar chummied up on a neighboring bar stool. We would have talked for hours about worthless, forgettable garbage while filling our lungs with cigarettes and spiking our blood with booze. Perhaps we'd even have laughed that we could recognize Jesus was with you, because "we're Christians" …but we would have been far too ego-driven then to let Him in.
    You called it perfectly: how relentless He is

  2. I just watched this testimony on a sofa with our windows open and it’s 5am. Listening to this and looking outside and up to the sky makes me feel closer to Jesus and God. I am grateful that I have opened my eyes and came to the truth about our world and how God and his son, Jesus love us all. Thank you, brother Will and thank you Daniel for sharing this to us.

  3. That's the real you minus the alcohol and weed! It's good to hear a seasoned honest opinion from an old buddy. It catches us off-guard in a good way and will prompt us to make some needed changes and let go of the b.s. "Pride ain't hard to swallow if you chew it long enuff" said a wise dude one time. I was also told "when u stop tryin' to Be the man, you BECOME a man!" Whew, spot on again and the scales fall from our eyes so that we may see all around us what's really goin' on. Its the Holy Spirit letting us know which way to go and what to carry & what to leave behind. Thank God for that kinda' love brother! Go ahead and smile, it's the truth. Y'a'll Have a good day my friends.

  4. Daniel means, according to how it is used in context, 1 of 2 things.
    Either God is my Judge, or, I am judged by God. You decide which.
    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
    God willing!..

  5. Welcome to the family of Christ. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people be saved. Seriously, what can be better than knowing someone is saved?

    I love you all my brothers and sisters.
    Thank you Jesus for all you have done and keep doing for us.

  6. Great testimony. Some what similar story of my own. Living in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Flat Earth was a revelation to me and changed my walk with Yashua. It brought a foundational truth to the world we live in. Understanding now that the only truth is in Yahuah. We have been lied to most all of our lives.

  7. Brother, thank you for sharing that awesome testimony. You speak from a heart where Jesus Christ dwells, and it will produce good fruit, some of which you may never be aware. But be sure that God will use you to reach a lost and blinded world! Of course the devil awaits our folly, but I sense you're quite tuned to the black & white of this fallen world. I used to enjoy my partying as well but it sure exacts a heavy cost my friend. It takes a lot of effort and noise to get us hard-heads' attention…GOOD, PRAISE GOD FOR HIS LONGSUFFERING AND FOR HIS MERCY. I'll be 42 next week, and I sure am thankful for the knowledge of the Truth. I'm thankful for you as well bro! People need to hear what Jesus has done for you because He's ready to save and heal "whomsoever will believe on His name". May God Bless you and family! Douglas, in N.C.

  8. Three hobos came up with an idea on how to safely land on the sun. So they build their own space ship and in doing so it draw a lot of attention. A reporter asked one hobo;
    Reporter: What are you guys planning to do in space or where in space are u goin?
    Hobo 1: we are going to land on the sun
    Reporter: laughs you're joking right? No really tell us the truth!
    Hobo 2: he is telling the truth we are going to land on the sun.
    Reporter: youre serious right?
    Hobo 2: yes we are very serious!
    Reporter: but how? You'll burn before you even touch the sun!!
    Hobo 2: we have found a very safe way to do it, absolutely 100% safe!!!
    Reporter: turns to the camera ladies and gentle this might be the first time in human history that man will for the first time ever step foot on the sun!!!
    turns back to the 3 hobos
    Reporter: so tell us this safe way you have discovered that you three can land safely on the sun?????
    Hobo 3: when it's night time then we can go on the sun!!!

    reporter committed suicide later that day


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