Interview segment on “Jewish Kabbalah & Quantum Physics Fraud”:



  1. Einstein vehemently disagreed with Quantum theory. He called it "Spooky action at a distance." and commented that "God doesn't play dice." when referring to quantum entanglement. Science is never settled, that's why its so great. Dogma must be fought everywhere as it seems to be a human tendency!

  2. Totally agree with you on that. I believe that people can believe whatever they want. . I believe Kennedy was set up,911 was a inside job,the moon landing was staged they never went out of low earth orbit,Chemtrails are real,gmo food is bad,all wars are banker wars,flat earth people are idiots and all religion is bs. But that's just my opinion and opinions are like butt holes everyone has one !!! lol

  3. the Truth is stranger than fiction…
    Quote: "The reason why none of them agree is because they are selling a religion and it's just a cult, you know."

    It's obvious you don't know anything about quantum–probably none of the sciences–but now I see you don't know the basics of the subject in which you profess great wisdom: Religion. Can you name a cult where "none of them agree"? Knowledgeable people understand that "cult like" agreement is, basically, the essence of a cult. Btw, the Copenhagen interpretation is the easiest thing to understand about quantum, and you punted that too. (Strike 1)

    Quote: "Now, there is some value in some of the mathematics of, of uh, quantum mechanics, but quantum physics is essentially a big Kabbalistic fraud, that was, um, promoted by, uh, Albert Einstein and these, these, clowns.

    Wow! It's like you just said "up is down", and then acted like you're the smartest kid in the room. Einstein rejected–not promoted–everything about quantum. How can someone put a video on the internet and not know that it can also be used to learn stuff? Of course, I know that you don't care what Einstein thought about anything. You just had to let your inner bigot out to take a dump. (BIG strike 2)

    Quote: "Albert Einstein stole most of his theories from, uh, for instance, uh, the U. S. patent office when he worked there."

    After graduating from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, Einstein worked in the Federal Office for Intellectual Property (patent office) in Bern, Switzerland (1901). Do you know the diff between Switzerland and the U. S.? When he immigrated to the U.S. (1933), he took a position as resident scholar at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Studies. No mention on the web about him working at the U.S. patent office in D.C., while he was TEACHING AT PRINCETON IN NEW JERSEY. (Strike–it was inevitable wasn't it–3)

    You should change your user name to "my 'truth' is fiction". I don't think you got one single thing right in your video–did you? And, you're out here talking like you know something? What is so weird about people like you, is that you think no one will notice. Whoops.

  4. I was the biggest science dupe in the world. The Big Bang, Evolution, the whole 9 yards as they say. Ironically though, one of the things that helped me wake up was my continued interest in and study of science. As I delved further and further down the rabbit hole of dark matter/energy and quantum physics, the more unreal it began to seem, like metaphysical daydreaming that didn't mean anything. Then, as I kept reading, the more it began to seem like magic and sorcery, which were two things that I didn't believe in btw.

    Turns out that's exactly what the "new" science is: magic that dazzles and baffles, witchcraft that blinds and binds. But the spell is breaking isn't it? Which I think is a good thing overall, but will probably lead to some very bad things in the near future. If the magicians can't keep the proles spellbound, the velvet glove will have to come off the iron fist and covert control will become overt. I don't know exactly how it will manifest, but it seems inevitable to me.

    Flat Earth Community needs to be educated and honest. Here is a video I just made reproducing the "star" we keep seeing through CoolPix P900. We have to know how to use our tools to prove flat earth and not present intentional or unintentional false information/evidence. I included a guide in the description on how to manually focus on celestial bodies.

  6. There is no way you can be a semi-intelligent adult and not understand how and why the earth takes on spherical shape. Today we somewhat have an understanding of the forces of mother nature and the laws of physics. It is because of these forces and laws that soap bubbles from into sphere's. When the earth was forming billions of years ago it was molten liquid. A blob of liquid when acted upon by gravity, expansion, compression, and surface tension takes on a spherical shape. FACT. Please, anyone, if the earth is flat how come I can watch a LIVE stream from China of the sun setting. While at the same time I can watch it rising right in front of my eyes? Why can we see with the naked eye satellites and the ISS whizzing overhead at night? How did they make Google Earth? You do realize you can put a stick in the ground, take certain measurements of the different shadows it casts and by that alone discern that the earth is round. Flat earth movement is a psy-op. Stop acting like a bunch of childish, ignorant, Zombie's and start THINKING for yourself.

  7. String THEORY….That's THEORY….THEORY…..!! Kakapants talks about THEORIES as though they are facts…they aren't, they are THEORIES…THEORY of gravity, THEORY of evolution, string THEORY….all just fantasy THEORIES !!

  8. Oh, how they look for 'other' worldly, which makes all just a distraction of vanity. How corrupt so many priests & scribes of Judea became by Kabbalism while they were captive for 70 years in Babylon. The law (Torah) and testimony of the prophets just wasn't exciting enough for them. The mysteries of Babylon's black magic was just so enticing and exciting. Even back then, in 457 BC, they wanted to believe in man made conjured science fiction instead of God's truth in His Word. But then, that has been the battle since Adam had to leave his garden home because he chose to side with his satanically bewitched wife out of guilt instead of trusting that the Master Constructor of All had all knowledge and wisdom, as well as complete unselfish love – the only 'eternal' One – the Divine.

  9. When he says ' Quantum Physics is a huge…..con'. he paused, I think there's supposed to be a Fn word there and 'these these….clowns' also missing his Fn word. Love this guy. Sorry TSTF for pointing it out, I know you don't swear.

  10. Hi, for a time now, i think quantum physics is pfysics of the 2nd realm. For exemple electron is detected and can be interact, but he occcuped no place in 3d space. It's just an exemple, but most of particles are no in our space, we interact with them like a magnet with a an iron piece on the other side of a white sheet. God bless. In a sense , quantum physics is science of kabbalah or magic.


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