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  1. the eclipse 2017 prooves 100% the earth is not a spinning ball the earth spins in eastwards direction at 1000mph apparently the moon also orbits us in same direction but 27 times slower, how can the shadow travel west to east across america when the earth is spinning faster than the moons travel?? this is only possible on a still flat earth model

  2. This flat earther, like many flat earthers, STILL, STILL, STILL, STILL, STILL, don't understand the argument!It takes only one moronic flat earther to convey the wrong argument, and the rest of them are immediately indoctrinated without looking into it themselves. The ships this FE is referring are ships that are AT or NEAR the horizon. It is the ships that are BEYOND the horizon, in other words, ships that are only partially obscured, that demonstrate curvature, AND that cannot be zoomed in to see the entire ship. Any FE that tells you the entire ship can be zoomed in, does NOT understand the argument! No ifs, ands, or buts! PERIOD!

  3. 4:00 you forgot height of the observer. the CN tower's observation deck is 1,136 feet above the ground and more if you consider the height of the person and how much more above sea level.

  4. If anyone is actually believing this boat stuff, simply look at the buildings disappear below the curve. Just search you tube….plenty of stuff, including boats below the horizon. This whole video is describing visibility issues, not curvature. Why do the boats in other videos only half-way disappear? They aren't sinking! Same with the buildings.

  5. The earth is flat, but that is not evidence that god is real… The Bible is proven to just be copied stories from the Egyptians and the sumerians…. I'm sick of people saying since the earth is flat that it somehow magically proves god is real

  6. The globe head lost this debate… He was clueless to simple technology proving nothing goes over the curve because there is no curve.  If we truly live on a sphere, everything we see would be different.  Water would behave different running upwards, waterfalls would be out of control, frozen lakes of hundreds of miles would be curved water, the horizon would not look like it does that's for sure.  The sun and moon reflection off the water would not be a straight line on a sphere.  Child globe mind control is the reason nobody has common sense.

  7. We need some professionals to come out, it's ridicules that we can't show tangible evidence without the ballers even absorbing any of it. Maybe if we had someone in the mainstream as our ambassador they would listen.

  8. Hell you need not even worry about how far you see away simply look for the curve across instead. It's a flat line. That's because there is no curvature and the globeheads are the biggest bunch of fools on the earth.

  9. someone please get an amazing telescope go to one end somewhere really flat and long such as a salt Lake somewhere that is hundreds of miles across now zoom in and I want to see from one end to to the other. I'm sure a telescope should be able to do that right?

  10. The Quran mentioned the flat earth as well {Then do they not look at the camels – how they are created? And at the sky – how it is raised? And at the mountains – how they are erected? And at the earth – how it is flattened?} Al-Ghishiyah Verse 20.

  11. The only reason the shape of the earth is debatable is because NASA is deceptive. I'm not sure on way or another, but if NASA would put out real pictures of the earth or let us know they were lying, it would put a stop to all these debates

  12. I sometimes feel embarrassed to be the same species as these full grown adults who cannot comprehend how perspective and "vanishing point" works. And, yes, I'm referring to flat earthers. Listen, the only place a vanishing point occurs on a flat earth is at an infinite distance. On a flat earth, absolutely nothing could drop below the horizon or "vanishing point." Objects would simply shrink in size (while still being entirely visible) until they get too small for the naked eye to see or they got so far away the the atmosphere slowly faded them out. I repeat, there is absolutely no possible way for an object to sink below the horizon on a flat earth. But we see this all the time with boats, city skylines, the sun and moon, clouds, etc. The ONLY possible conclusion for people who have more than half a brain is that the earth is curved.


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