1. Richie , what ever this is, it's man made & You can & Will die from it! You don't know what you are talking about if you have Not experienced this or buried family members ! Think about that for a minute! You are alone in a vehicle , traveling on the Road or inseclution! I won't take the vaccination but be careful if your Wrong "You will have Blood on Your Hands!" 🤔

  2. @RichieFromBoston you might want to clarify to your viewers that the first document you posted in your video mentions mandatory vaccinations, but that document does not say that "vaccinations are being mandated" (yet). The document sounds like they are preparing the court to prioritize consequences related to violations of curfew or (future?) mandatory vaccinations. Also, oddly, that document said it was valid for only one month only. Are they testing for public reaction?

  3. Where are all the dead bodies there claiming are dead? Why is it no body has cuaght footage of them loading up the freezer trucks in ny hospitals or anywhere else for that matter? Of body bags on strechers or bieng carried to the freezer trucks? Every time they show footage strechers and multiple pop up hospital beds are empty .why is that? if it was a las vegas shooting or school shooting media has no problem exploiting casualties w/covered up bodies .so show us the bodies if its really going on as they claim.instead were suppost to trust &take there word for it? I dont no about anyone else but i dont trust my life in there hands& no they would always save them selfs at others expense

  4. Interesting that they consider proceedings on "mandatory vaccinations" critical to continue AND AT THE SAME TIME tell the public you're not allowed in the proceedings due to the stay at home order. So, it's being rolled out behind closed doors! I wonder how many other districts, and states, are up to the same covert subversion of "We the People" with regard to mandating vaccines.

  5. And once again this guy Richie has no idea what he’s talking about. What do you want people to do? Riot??
    Stop making silly videos and go away. You haven’t been right about one single thing.

  6. The mark/chip, the guillotines, the beast system as foretold in the Bible, will happen after I AM GONE IN THE RAPTURE! I feel sorry for those of you who like to fight over the TO BE or NOT TO BE. IT IS my blessed hope! Hope does NOT MEAN JOKE! Read the scriptures — BUT RIGHTY DIVIDE or you too will be as CONFUSED AS A TERMITE IN A WOODEN YO-YO. 😂. For those of you who have received the free gift of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and have as your SEAL OF REDEMPTION, the Holy Spirit….meaning you are BORN AGAIN, BORN OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, you will along with me……..FLY SOON!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord! I am so ready to leave this upholstered toilet of a life!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life! Repent now and place all your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He is THE ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH AND THE ONLY LIFE!

  7. RFB!!! Can you send me the information to that COVID article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Falci. I CAN NOT FUND THAT ANYWHERE ON THE SIGHT!!! I great need to see and research this myself!!! Please HELP ME WITH THIS INFORMATION!!!! RFB!!! Please help. PLEASE HELP!!! In JESUS NAME PLEASE HELP

  8. I am just now seeing this video a few days late but I am in Volusia County FL included in that document. Nothing will be injected into myself or my family and there’s NOTHING I won’t do to stop it. It’s almost too late to wake up people!!!

  9. I mostly agree in that all this hype about masks, all the closings etc. The scare is how quickly we've succumbed to "control". However, I DO know of some people who've suffered with it. One woman who's a healthy mother of 5 who home schools and helps run a family business. It was awful. She said her lungs literally felt like fire and to take a breath was so painful she took short breaths and never had prayed so hard. She did NOT go to the hospital but closed herself off in a room with it's own bathroom. She also ran a humidifier with hydrogen peroxide at the door. It took her quite awhile to get strength back, BUT, with that big family……nobody else caught it. All I'm saying is it CAN be very bad, not just a bad cold, but that wasn't their plan was it? 5G can make it deadly.

  10. Your so full of shit !!!
    You and all your delusional god believing idiot need to go church on Easter so you’ll all can get sick and die !! The country and world will be better off once all of you’ll are dead and gone !!

  11. Ritchie I know myself this isn't Democrat or Republican, they both are paying they're hands but stay out of democratic run states. There dem states are going to impose way more authority over there citizens than a Republican run one. Up here in New Hampshire n lo one is locked up or can't drive down the road with they're family

  12. Since early January I realized this truth: This is a Robin Cook book- turned-movie & we're all in it (not the (CLUB!) like The Truman Show, & Wag the Dog before that! Never let a crisis go to waste… especially if it's been manufactured to pave the way. don't miss this opportunity! Calling all Manchurian Candidates! Report to the Main Stage! This can only be The Matrix there's no other reasonable answer… Agenda 21, 2030, go to Mart*Law & buy your toilet paper & while you're at it, curse your neighbors since you're afraid to actually punch them for grabbing that last package of Top Ramen! I'm most of all disgusted with my native Louisiana, New Orleans & Baton Rouge, because we have prepped for umpteen hurricanes for no good reason & so many were mild thunderstorms ( I know, until they weren't, does anyone think it odd that the hardest hit areas in NOLA were populated with the poorest of the poor? The 9th Ward & New Orleans East & the Projects?) Not the Quarter or St. Charles or gated communities, not the insanely expensive condos resulting from the 84 Exposition… but I digress…) We need to open their 👀's! My own daughter is pregnant & terrified & won't listen, watch, read we can't discuss it because she's having panic attacks! This is such 🐂-💩! I'm grateful to come here where people are still thinking! Until we can't…! Next thing: it'll come through our wifi only on Social Media! And no gloves or mask will help! Co vid reminds me of Mor Bid!! Ugh! Making me lose my 💩I get so angry! Love & real hugs to ALL! 💜💚💙(PS I'm not Catholic… anymore… some of us in La have escaped! X0X0


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