1. Traditional gospel I love it, I remember when I first heard this song several years ago on the radio I couldn't contain myself thinking of how the Lord showed up in me. Singing Jesus!!! Halleujah thank you Lord

  2.    He showed up without me asking. What a suprise. he had me all along and now i'm awake and doing the work he wants me do to do … I'm thankful and blessed …

    Praise the father the son and the holy spirit
    blessed those who love the lord …. 

  3. Sharing…Heard this on the Y.A.M.S. 1680 AM in Orlando …love it ! Remember singing this at my home church in the youth and young adult choir. So timely in our country right now. . .we need God as a people. . .the human race. . .one race. created equal by God. Self evaluation time! If you have any ill feelings toward anyone because of the color of their skin. . .check yourself. . .that is not the character of God nor his son Jesus.


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