Praise God that Jeremy has awoken from the snare of the false gospel of Levi Price. Price is false to the core with his works gospel.



  1. hey dude!!! guess what? i just saw that Levi Price just deleted that video he made about him saying he literally cut off his genitals and his penis!! but you know what? he also erased all the messages he got from other people including mine as i gave this man a real long lenthy message about him telling him that i didnt believe he actually did thi and if he did that i would like for him to send us a picture of his whole body and let us all out here see it for ourselves and that i wasnt gonna believe it until i see it!!! i did a really good lenthy post to him but THIS CRAZY PSYCOPATH!!! ERASED IT!!!!! I wanned you to read it BUT NOW THAT THIS SICKO ERASED MY MESSAGE!! as well as all the other messages he had now this really tells me he really didnt do what he said he did!!! i think he knows i exposed him and he just rudely deleted that video!!!! the response i gave him was a really good one but now everythang is ruined now but dude if you will put me on your circles of friends list i could send you all the e-mails i sent Levi so you can look at them and tell me what you think!! id sure like to know who you are dear man!! later brotha!!!

  2. Hey! dude! hows it goin my brotha? you dont know me dear man but i wanned to tell you that i watched Jeremey carters review on Levi Price and yall made a comment about him saying he would actually cut his hands off and his other parts of the body. well i want you and Jeremy Carter to read my comment on the clip Man Cuts Off HIS Penis and let me know what you think of it. later my brotha!!!!!


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