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  1. Now, that was ABSOLUTELY wrong… However, we need to follow the laws of the land as long as it doesn't go against God… And wearing a mask is not going against God… People are really dying from this!
    Now, he could've forgot his mask, so I would press charges.

  2. brother you're one of my favorite YouTube videos and I told you Jesus Christ I met Jesus Christ face to face 16 years ago when I committed suicide I looked in his eyes he was staring in my eyes he touched my shoulder okay he's the reason I'm here today and he told me many things he's teaching me many things that people just have a hard time understanding such as with what they're trying to put in their arm they don't understand some people don't get it some people think the mark of the beast is Sunday worship well that's part of the beast system but that's not the mark Jesus Christ told me what the Mark is and I'm telling people on my channel because Jesus Christ told me to start this Channel I didn't know nothing about YouTube or how to make a video but I put exactly out with Jesus Christ tells me to put out that's the reason I'm here alive today but you won't believe the people that come by and argue but that's the whole point Jesus Christ made to me he said many people have their own opinions as to the things they were taught he called them destructive doctrines he said they're not my words so on my channel I'm to tell the people the exact words Jesus Christ tells me to straighten out some of the false doctrines people still argue it it's amazing the demons that are rampant in this Earth today that has even God's people deceived you know one word Jesus told me I don't say everything he told me but I'll tell you what he tells me to tell you he said my people and he was angry when he said it he said my people my own people do not know my word!! he's very angry about it he's very frustrated about it and he's sending people like me and you to tell the truth to set the record straight people need to wake up and listen

  3. You cannot and will not force me to do anything. I don't care who you think you are. I STOOD for this country and NO PERSON is gonna tell me how to live my life. I will not comply! I Stand with Jesus til the day I die

  4. WLP, thank you for the presentation, and the honest questions about yourself. Right after I was born again – a half century ago – I was locked in a room and persecuted by cultists. I squirmed, and lied, like a baby – and finally fled like a coward. God's Holy Spirit has never condemned me for that baby-Christian day. But now I pray daily, for His help to never repeat such.

  5. If God is four us how can be aginst us brother what is a little bit of water. When you are wet God is still there when someone hits you God is still there when some one make fun of you God is there. Smile becoz God loves you

  6. bunch of jerks! yelling is one thing but that guy had no need to pour hat water all over him like that, he could've had a medical exemption, because of respitory issues and if so then that guy just made things worse for him by throwing water on him that could cause him to get a chill causing even worse health. I cannot believe the disgusting behaviour of that guy who chuvked that water over him, SHAME ON HIM!!! i'm so mad right now after seeing that.

  7. It's preposterous to think that a certain "medical professional" did RESEARCH on the EFFICACY of "face coverings" (masks)…
    And it proved to be USELESS in protecting against this so-called- 😷 mess…. Useless.
    Even in operating theatres the Doctors and staff doing the operations wear the mask for the patient's protection, but are not "protected themselves" if there were to be an "airborne" contagent.

    Ridiculous how people believe that such a flimsy cloth could actually PROTECT them from this whole 😷 mess.

  8. I had several ppl confront me at walmart….I say the same thing, I have asthma and can't breathe with one. The last one, I started following his a**, I was gonna beat him down. Something stopped me and I retreated. I do thank God for that, it could have ended badly for me

  9. Those people are idiots.If everyone has their mask on and you dont have one on who is more potential of getting sick?
    I would have punched that guy in the face and shove my shoe down his throat and anyone that came against me.

    Put your mask on sounds like a bunch of fairies.

    Christlike?punch them in the face ….PERIOD…..

  10. I'm telling you. That would be hard to endure. That guy would probably need his mask to hold his jaw in place after that one. But at least it seems that people's true colors are coming out right now and that's probably what we need to happen for a change

  11. Yeah people really have no idea what's really going on… if they did they would feel really ignorant… you can definitely see the love of people waxing cold.
    We are seeing a separation process going on.. fearful hateful people… from faith filled loving people… sad times… no running the fence anymore… light and dark… no grey anymore…


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