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  1. At 10 a.m. my local time I was outside. What I found kinda strange is that despite cloudless sky, the sun was cold, as if I was looking at the screen. There was a silvery outline around the sun, and I coud look at it without hurting my eyes. I waited for a few minutes and the ring around the sun didnt disappear. I grabbed my camera and took several photos. At first glance it may appear as if the photos are distorted and filled with artefacts from the bright sun but their are not. The "ring" is too far away from the sun to be considered a reflection. I could see the same ring with my owns eyes. Somethin blocked the sunlight. The sun was shining bright but with no effect.

  2. My new job required that I take a titer test for MMR Varicella. They paid for it. I'm waiting on results Should I need the vaccine I will have to quit the job if they don't grant an exemption

  3. Mark 7: 15
    There is ""nothing"" from without a man, that entering into him can ""defile""  him : but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.

  4. 1 Timothy 6:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

    19 Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

    20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

    21 Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.

  5. Say Rich,
    You said something. Made an observation. I had to comment.
    UFO's vs. auto manufacturers.
    Similarities between the evolution of automotive stylings and so called "crafts". Brother, there's SO much more to that than appears.
    Sweet call. I made it 7 or 8 years ago. But YOU put it out there! Nice.

  6. Jesus will be giving many of us the same HEALING abilities He shared 2000 yrs ago… His Energy is PURE and so will ours become…. It's ALL vibrational…. One has to VIBRATE at a much HIGHER level than the FEAR vibration… Get it ? Pure Light is very high vibration, Dark is very slow…. Same applies to everything around you. I get ill around low vibrational people….. like Malls, Grocery stores, TV, Phones, etc…. even computers. Gotta go !

  7. It's a precursor to the image..
    The fake sun is probably not the image of the beast. But think about it allogorically; they're blocking out the true light of the world, while simultaneously replacing it with a man-made one.. they're doing this under the false tense that the true sun, the real light, is harmful to us, aggressive, radical, and killing us and our planet by heating us and it up by it's firey, oppressive radiance..
    This is an arci-type of evil men blocking out Jesus under the pretense of Him "radiating hate", and replacing The SON, the True Light, with another one.. one they build..
    Remember, we, mankind, build the image, and are then caused to worship ["the sun"/the image] that we've built..
    Their fake sun may as well be referred to as Baal..
    It's so stinking obvious 🤢

  8. If you want to explain weather geoengineering to your kids, have them watch a Hollywood movie. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is an excellent example (and my 3 yr old granddaughters favorite). 😫
    Yep, "space germs" are the new threat, they're setting up for the next pandemic.

  9. I really love how "on top of it" Dana is. I was really impressed with her breakdown of some of the vehicles on that train in California. I would not have known that they're not your typical war vehicles. She has more wisdom then most men. Probably because she loves God and is very fruitful. I'm so thankful I found her through you. She is TOP NOTCH 🤗

  10. Stop pushing insanity and immorality on us that would be great . Also pushing vaccines and chemtrails. Oh and the satanic rituals too. They are doing it right in our face. A call for an uprising had good videos for knowledge.
    God Almighty is the only one.
    Jesus Christ is the Word of God and only way to our Almighty God.
    Be right with Jesus Christ.

  11. I’m 45 years old. And all the things that has been happening that I’ve actually been awake to see is the same exact thing I’ve seen in movies as far back as when I was a child and just throughout the years thereafter. It’s a trip! I don’t go to the doctor unless I absolutely need to. I don’t get shots. The last time I had a flu shot was back in 1994 while I was in the Air Force and I actually got the flu from it and said never again!

  12. Richie, Eyes wide open said the reason that they are chemtrails in the sky’s could be to refrigerate the air to have a huge harvest of grapes for their wines. Fact there are over 18 million acres of grape vineyards worldwide # 1 China # 2 Italy # 3 The United States of America. Makes a lot of cents.

  13. completely agree with you on why they are admitting the chemtrails now. still, most people are obvious to them doing it or admitting it and if you tell them whats up, they look at u like youre crazy

  14. What's this predictive programming crap they swill out to the public .. ? tell everyone to be unhappy now to go with all the other ills they shove out there.. Let's all curl up in the fetal position and suck our thumbs shall we ..
    April showers .. ? dodge the poison rain more likely. It's filth most days here unless they heat it up and have the sun blazing thru the particulate haze for one day out of about 2 weeks .. The sheep are THAT asleep that when they get the sunny day it's all back to normal again, like they've swum to the other end of the tank and forgotten the past.
    This guy's dribbling s–t .. someone shove a bogroll in there and shut him up .. !

  15. Years ago a friend of mine who was a PhD told me that the Aids virus was spread (before the big outbreak) because gay folks, mostly men were going to the Dominican Republic for fun escapades where they would not be ostracized. But before they left, they had to be innoculated against malaria or some fly bite that could spread when they returned to the states. Little did they know, they were being experimented on so the CDC could try out their new lab synthesis for germ warfare! It was grown in a peitre dish on Monkey fetuses much like Lyme's disease was made on Nantucket island. The reason it was called Lymes disease, because (the island off the coast of Connecticut) where the factory was creating it, there was a breach from an employee and the first cases were logged in, in Lyme Connecticut! I watched a news clip from some conspiracy theorist on a TV show who tried to get in the facility, and he was only given the "official tour" by some military type manager. Much of it is top secret, hush hush, so no one gets in unless sanctioned, much like area 51 & 52. Been going on for years!

  16. It may have been more overcast than sunny in April, but for me there were a few sunny days. I think the sun came out on Easter Day in Spencer, MA. Maybe it''s different in Boston, idk.

  17. My sister in Law made a point about the MEASLES OUTBREAK;indeed, she asked, "How does a vaccines effect a measles outbreak for those that are already vaccinated to it? Oh yes, its a risk to those that DO NOT have the vaccines…" so why the fuss over parents that say someone else needs to vaccinate their own children just because you got one? I mean, my nephew is now autistic – he was fine up until he got vaccination – 3 days later he was in the hospital with a fever of 108 for four days AND thats a fact! Those that want to argue with that have no clue what they're talking about.

  18. I just watched the new x files..
    I got my months supply to day from p. Supply..the tote is heavy..i bet the mail man was getting another tote to break it down some.

  19. Too many people had their baby injected, 3 hours later watched them get a fever, followed by autism for my liking. Way too many. And its like they try hide it! I don't believe them anymore.

  20. Love Snoop & the Red Barron…😏 Had measles when I was a kid. Don't need no stinking vaccine now or ever. #WEDONOTCONSCENT to unwarranted unneeded drugs the establishment is trying to manipulate us with! (Chemtrails + 5G = tracking everything you do say or pretty well much think! Plus, as an added bonus, IT'S A SILENT WEAPON!) Whoo Hoo ! R U havin fun yet?
    Get right with God very soon !


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