Josh Diemert, who was first hired in 2013 by the city’s Human Resources department, claims in the lawsuit that despite being honored by the city for excellence, he could not overcome the city’s overt discrimination against him through its Race and Social Justice Initiative. 

According to the lawsuit, Diemert claims that he was pressured to resign from a position instead of requesting a leave of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act. 

The city told him that requesting leave would deny a “person of color” and opportunity for a promotion, and that he would be showing his “white privilege” if he didn’t resign. 

The suit also claims that upper-level managers told employees that senior roles and new positions will be filled with people-of-color, and court documents state that Deemert was forced to profess that he’s racist simply because he was born white. 

Diemert claims that when he spoke out against the city’s anti-white racial messaging during mandatory workshops, his colleagues labeled him a “white supremacist” and created a hostile work environment. 

City employees are also forced to participate in the city’s race and social Justice initiative which is a city-wide program that aims to eliminate “structural racism” through forcing white employees to acknowledge their quote “white privilege and power.” 

While these are simply mere allegations now, these claims are hard to turn a blind eye to when the city has become obsessed by dividing everyone by race and now the city has gone as far as forcing employees to state their race and ethnicity before speaking at meetings. 

Rebel News has reached out to the city and mayor Bruce Harrell for comments but have not yet received a response. Rebel News is going to stay on top of this case every step of the way and will continue to provide updates. 

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