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Exponentially Fragmented & Fractalline Dissociative Identity Disorder (1/2)

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  1. Deeply bizarre how the same experience of ego-death, dissolution of self, LSD immersion in the fractal trip, even the "hum" experience at around [00:31:30], etc., can be such a terrifying, traumatic experience of horror for some and yet a blissful, empowering experience of enlightenment for others. So many seek out what others have forced on them.. So many find meaning in what others feel as a violation.

  2. I've had great success when talking to these kinds of victims, as well as other people of more ordinary kinds of abuse, not by explaining dogmas and theologies (all of which are tainted interpretations in the end… Human, imperfect interpretation), but rather by simply reading to them the following verses slowly and clearly, non-stop, no explaining, nor interpreting. I often read in Young's Literal Translation or the Concordant Literal Version because they come as close as humanly possible to expressing the original Word of God in English. But you may use any version you like, adapting to your audience, such as "easy-to-read" versions for younger people or those who have a lower level of English understanding, such as the uneducated (whom God loves just as much). Here are the verses in the order I read them:

    1 Cor 15:1-4 John 3:16-17 1 Cor 15:20-26,28 1 John 4:6-8 1 Cor 13:3-8 1 John 4:16 Rom 8: 14-39 1 Tim 4:10-11 Eph 1:3-23 Eph 2:1-10 Rom 7:14-25 Rom 8:1-2 1 Cor 13:11-13 Rom 3:10-28 Col 1:9-22 Col 2:6-10 1 Thess 4:13-18 2 Thess 2:1-4 Luke 21:9-11 2 Thess 2:7-13 1 Thess 5:9-23 Phil 4:6-7,23

    I highly recommend copying these verses into a note or word file, and reading them to yourself whenever you're feeling troubled, insecure, or unsure of your life. It takes about 20 minutes if you read it to yourself calmly and without rushing. I can never, ever get through the whole thing without tears of joy, awe, love and compassion welling up from my heart and streaming down my face. I speak 5 languages and read these to myself in them, and just stare in awe to how the Word of God just emanates power in any language!

  3. My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1960, after 4 years of abuse from my father, they put her on heavy medications. years later when she would not take her medications, I would see these fractions in her personality,constantly going from one to another, so when I could see her not taking the right meds, her eyes would change, almost like a demon was inside her. I still to this day sometimes see demons in peoples eyes, they literally change into evil..Ive been searching for years why I see these things ! anyone with some answers would be helpful…I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior,

  4. I've seen a couple of her videos. Very hard to watch at times. My mom was a MK Ultra slave in a hippie commune. She never got out of the cycle. Some even have "handlers" for husbands that probably work for the c👁ay….😡

  5. Mandelbrocht set the mind… Wow stunning revealing… I hope you reach out to her, she is blessed to have you as a guide.. I'm curious what she might think of all your work and montage s
    p.s. I recently watched a video from quantum of conscience proposing that these breadcrumbs (i.e. blatant mistakes made by the fake narrative) have been left for us like Hansel and Gretel in which we pick up and carry satans hellish nightmare into existence.. interesting hypothesis. Nescience is bliss, for some can't even see when shown the hypocrisy of the beast system

  6. I saw her vid a few months ago n was totally brought to my knees in prayer for all those that have n are suffering thro this n her soul n heart to allow god to work thro her n comfort n heal her n all children suffering this torture n unimaginable evil n suffering I can't even imagine🙏🙏🙏

  7. If I'm not mistaken, you posted some videos from a SRA survivor whom talks about being brainwashed via fractals, you then proceed to put fractals all throughout your video, thus triggering anyone who watches the video trying to find information on how to get away from SRA abuse and the lady in the video if she ever finds this video…. Are you aware you're doing that? Or is that intentional due to you being a handler?

  8. We are all mind control survivors,if we're now awake and know the TRUTH!!! Some are more severe survivors,like mk ultra or RSA!!! But generally,we all have been brainwashed for 3 to 4 generations!!!

  9. So many ignorant people in the comments. If you require proof to believe any testimony for mind control, please realise that outside of declassified documents the only actual knowledge about modern mkultra out there is based off testimony, fritz springmeier said himself. If you require definite proof in order to believe a survivor don't research into mkultra or programming as this type of abuse is designed to leave no solid evidence of what happened. If you believe someone can't be both intelligent and trafficked don't research into the illuminati, as everyone within the 'illuminati' was abused and programmed a child and most of them are highly intelligent. If you believe someone can't be detached when talking about trauma, either do more research into dissociation or don't research into dissociation at all considering you're so unwilling to understand how it can manifest in different people. In her videos she occasionally does stop sounding detached and verges on crying, she really holds her emotions back so she can convey what happened easier. In DID it is also possible for a personality to have another identity created to hold the emotions of past trauma so they dont have to feel anything when thinking about the trauma, this can also be seen in PTSD as the mind dissociates the emotions of the trauma so the survivor can still live their lives. I don't think you have to believe or even should believe everyone who claims to be a survivor however the reasons listed above are pretty poor reasons for disbelieving someone as I have explained.

  10. I've done my share of hallucinogenics and these people are full of shit. Hallucinogenics speed up some parts of your brain and slow down other parts of your brain and you get a warped sense of reality, that's all, your not having a spiritual experience, your just fucking high what a joke.

  11. Did they leave a scar that appears as a small hole?? Do you have any missing days?? Can you calculate 'to the Day' coincidences that are in astronomical abundance??
    How does one determine whether this is a spiritual experience verses outside mind manipulation??
    I too live in Central Texas and I am familiar with the Elves, aka ELFs, and I have pictures of numerous different types of proof that I've taken over the last 10 years, and I would like to know if mind control manipulation can also manipulate my camera as I am capturing pictures of spirits?? And strange objects in sky??
    Just curious.

  12. If people take the time to watch many of her uploads you will realize this woman is NOT lying… she has too much information that is fluid in ALL her uploads… no pausing to think about what she is saying because it was real. Glad to see you found her… I came across her 3 months ago her courage is another light in this world we all need to understand.

  13. 09/06/18…TISTF, hoping you check this, not that it's that important, just wanted to let you know your most recent vid, today's SOUNDS OF DEFIANCE, I found immediately blocked and all I could think was : it Beggars the imagination. Laugh a little, keep truckin'.

  14. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image, FREAKY!! is another way to put it…He doesn't make junk, but we are fatally flawed by choice and together that makes for a fearful and wretched messss…wretched man that I am who will save me from the body of this death????? Romans 7:24 and then add the corporate aspect to this ( each one of us is this freaky, wretched hot mess, BUT ALL OF US TOGETHER???, and to make things far worse is that most of us by far have No Idea!! and don't want to know…I don't want to know, who does???..the heart is deceitfully wicked and beyond hope)

    Anyways, as it proclaims in the verse following , the remedy and our paradoxical and heart wrenching condition Romans 7:25, I thank Elohim through Yahshua Messiah our Master. So then with the mind I myself serve the Torah of Elohim; but with the flesh the torah of sin….

    …What are you/we going to do?? Other than work out each one of us, your OWN salvation in fear and trembling and KNOW/TRUST in the One He has sent John 6:28,29, that He truly is the author and perfecter of our faith.

  15. If DMT is released in the brain at death (like science/scientist are saying now) i can see how it chemically separates your spirit/soul/consciousness and personality(possibly) from your body. I'm guessing this experience of soul separation through drug use can be very traumatic and can feel like dying because u kind of are in a way and to grasp that reality can be difficult and possibly an illusion. Itss obvious the realm of psychedelics not the True heaven but a counterfeit realm but That's just my theory.

    It is also said DMT is found in rat brains and possibly in human penial glad. I was watching a video on DMT that theorized Dmt may have something to do with the reptilian part of the brain taking over the consciousness. Is it possible on DMT we see in a reptilian primal sort of state to more like animals that can see/sence the spiritual realm? Is this why the Snake and penial glad is worshiped in pagan culture so much? Is that why alot of people report animal and/or human like entities giving them some kind of sacred knowledge of nature and it's mechanisms?

    Sorry for all the questions I just feels like I'm seeing a lot of parallels like it said in the video. Thanks for the information! I share your videos to help anyone and try not to chastise anyone who doesn't doesn't totally agree with you. Either way keep up the good work!!

  16. Χριστῷ συνεσταύρωμαι ζῶ δὲ οὐκέτι ἐγώ ζῇ δὲ ἐν ἐμοὶ Χριστός· ὃ δὲ νῦν ζῶ ἐν σαρκί ἐν πίστει ζῶ τῇ τοῦ υἱοῦ τοῦ θεοῦ τοῦ ἀγαπήσαντός με καὶ παραδόντος ἑαυτὸν ὑπὲρ ἐμοῦ.


    And then appears an important mention:


    So the life I now live in the body, I live because OF the faithfulness of the Son of God!

    Others have: because of the faith IN the Son of God!

    No. We are saved because the faith OF Christ, whom Paul declared OUR ULTIMATE ADAM in 1 Cor 15:45!

    This way God found a way that NO ONE AND NOBODY WOULD EVER GET LOST!

    William, God loves you and me and ALL and will finally lead ALL IN HEAVENS AND ON EARTH HOME TO GOD!

    Greetings and love from Germany!🇩🇪👍😎😊✋🤓

  17. God saves ALL people at the end, for the character of LOVE is SAVING, FOR NOBODY CAN SAVE THEMSELVES.

    And folks like in the vid are given to demonstrate this.

    Paul speaks about the human IMPOSSIBLY EVEN TO LOOK FOR GOD in the first chapters of Romans.

    And he speaks of God‘s solution:


    Look at this figure:

    Greetings and love from Germany!🇩🇪👍😊✋😎🤓

  18. Will where did you go brother… Im starting to Jones (not Alex no pun intended I still love him I know you dont) I do love your vids and its been awhile I hope your ok. I have been praying for you.

  19. The idea that a person would be put through such high level witchcraft and not be demon possessed is extremely naieve. There is only one way to be delivered from the power of satan (witchcraft)….and it is through the power of GOD…which may only be dispensed through HIS own blood. The true gospel is the answer for these demonized people. They are so programmed that every word that comes forth from their mouths is the voice of a serpent. The "mind" is not what they are saying it is. There is no "fractilization" or any other thing. Man is a spirit in a body, and the two constitute a "living soul" as was said of Adam in Genesis when YAHWEH breathed life into Adam's body. The soul, is "nephesh" in Hebrew and means only this, "a living breating creature". The concept of "the soul" of man, spoken of in any "alternate fashion" is deceit promoting spiritual blindness. (I do not say they know what they are engaged in …but that they are programmed to do it. None of them truly know the power they are under and how it works through them.) Psychology is a modern term for witchcraft/sorcery. There is nothing scientific about it. They have their priesthood, a denomination of satanism hiding behind an academic shroud. The Bible says nothing of this modern techno-babel….it is utter confusion, and it is what poor tormented souls, as this young lady is, have been programmed to think is true. These poor little children and what satan puts them through, an abomination indeed. However, to see them, as the product of this depraved society, and academic insanity, stand and deliver what they now think to be reality, in the hope of fixing themselves their way, is merely an extension of the satanic phrase…."do what thou wilt"….Anything other than The TRUTH of GOD is "doing what thou wilt". I speak to those who know GOD in this comment. It won't make any sense to those who do not. The call is to return to THE FATHER….and kiss THE SON!!! This focus on the deluded speaking from the platform of satanic brainwashing is so spiritually off track that it could not be measured by anyone other than GOD HIMSELF. I am not hacking away at anyone here, but trying to awaken those who have somehow fallen asleep….even while yet fighting the good fight of faith. It happens.

  20. You are one of the only YouTube people who I think actually has a good sober knowledge base of scripture- I don’t have your email otherwise I’d email you. I’ve recommended you look at Jonathan Kleck’s channel before and have heard you mention him, but I need to recant my approval of his work. I’m sure his observation of the evil stuff is fine, I’ve looked into him saying that God didn’t create Adam and Eve but angels (Elohim) did … I looked and yes it says Elohim , but my 1611kjv has in the intro that the Israelites didn’t even want to use God the creator’s name because he was so revered that instead they used Elohim … J.Kleck bases his whole theology on- Elohim creating humans…. nevermind if you looked up all the places it mentions God as creator… he is grossly out of line preaching this stuff… furthermore, I googled if his theology was original, like, where did he get this or did God show him some new revelation….. I googled angels creating man and quickly saw that this was a strong delusion taught by Gnostics around the time Christ was born…. anyway, can you do some checking up …. and talk to him or warn people about him because a lot of the dark stuff could be correct, but otherwise he has a real grip on a lot of people teaching false things and manipulating – daring these people to challenge him as anything other than sincere…. when he is either sincere but incredibly stubborn to be incorrect or he is intentionally deceiving others-
    Please look into it.

  21. Good video ,something that bugz me but I have a hard time putting my finger on ,Christianity isnt a dogma or some way to feed the ego…its supposed to be something genuine ,deep,and true not just in word, or acting, but true deeds….alot of Christians aint Christians.

  22. Hey man me and my brother are avid watchers of your channel. Hope all is well since you haven’t posted in a week. We worry about to bro, your always in our prayers and we hope all is well. Your brothers in Christ -the Scott brothers

  23. Hello, my name is Alex and i'd like to thankyou for your channel as it in part help me find my way to our Loving God and the teachings of Jesus.
    In my past i like many watched a lot of youtube videoes looking for answers in what i now recognise as an absolute minefield. One video i link here though is especially concerning and just thought you may be able to use it as it's symbolism is beyond the moon…(bad pun). It is of a Pleadian message but i'm certain the avatar communicating the, 'message', has triangular pupils, a Caduceus on her left and is an attempt at representing Iris or Mercury the messanger of the gods to the underworld. I may be completly wrong but i new there was something strange about it when i saw it a while back and thought you may be able to take something from it, if you can bear to sit through the creepy brain washing i feel this video is.
    Thankyou again for your content, you are making a difference, stay positive and let Gods love continue to guide you my friend. Alex.

  24. You should check out the oldest clock and astronomical dials in the world located in Prague. It is a geocentric flat earth clock and shows how the model works. It's absolutely a work of genius. You need to take a detailed look at this Will I think it's right up your alley. Great video as always.

  25. This is the type of person that this channel is now promoting.
    In Support Of Non Offending Pedophiles

    This is so in line with the agenda of normalising paedophilia it surely should be a red flag for most of the Christian truther crowd. Not a problem for this channel, though. Maybe if Katy Groves made her feelings known about Sophia the Robot or Terrence McKenna it might make a difference, but somehow I doubt it.

    This is what shill channels do. They start off all fluffy, and nice, talking about how flat earth brought them to Christ, and then they end up promoting feminist, gender neutral paedophile sympathisers.


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