Freedom for the Future, Romans 8:18-30, Sunday school lesson, Click here for notes:

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📖Topic: Freedom for the future
📖Scriptures: Romans 8:18-30
📖Date: may 8, 2022
📖Rodney Jones sunday school

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  1. Regarding the infirmities working for good…dealing with an illness for over 30 years. My sisters home caught fire rendering her homeless and coming to live with me. Through my illness getting to the point of my being on my death bed, my sister promised God if He raised me up, that she’d serve Him for the remainder of her life. Thank you Jesus, to this day…we worship the Lord together. The Lord is a promise keeper and she kept her promise to Him! Hallelujah

  2. As adopted children, our paperwork has been filed and we are waiting for our Father to pick us up where we will live with Him for eternity….He will not say…son/daughter, your old enough now, I’ve given you the skills necessary and it’s time for you to leave the nest and go take care of yourself! Hallelujah!

  3. It’s very ironic the first pastor that I heard expound Roman 8:20 similar to your exposition was Pastor Percy McCray Valor Faith Ministries North Chicago Illinois in 1997-98 timeframe

    This is great….

  4. Thanks Pastor Dr. Rodney Jones For Another Outstanding Lesson As Always.
    We Appreciate All The Work You Put In Teaching GOD'S Of Wisdom.I Would Like Wish First Lady Jones A Blessed Mother's Day And All Other Mothers A Great Day. Like AsYou My Mother Is Resting As Well And Is Missed. May GOD Continue To Keep And Strengthen You With His Blessings For His GLORY. Amen!!!❤🙏📕👂🙌👏💨👍🎆🌞🔥💦☺💙💕

  5. Tears are flowing but they are tears of joy. Just to think that God is working for our good. Hallelujah! May OUR HEAVENLY FATHER continue to use you in mighty way to spread this wonderful gospel that Jesus saves!!!

  6. Blessings and Favor be unto you! What an awesome lesson on such an awesome day!!! Pastor Bishop Jones, each Sunday I get a better understanding of the Word. Thank you Sir for your authenticity. Happy Blessed Mother's Day to your wife. Thank you Holy Spirit for working through Dr. Jones to spread God's Word effectively and clearly for understanding.

  7. Please tell me the reason Adam, walked right into sin, I totally agree with you, I have the same thought, but I lack understanding. Or do you have a video to explain.


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