Watch the whole video, listen to what’s going on, and then just try and tell me this asshole ain’t crazy.

Pooka’s original video:!v=2eMDOV63mwk&playnext_from=TL&videos=mYqCGHzNcU8

Christian Chat:



  1. Well looks like the channel was shut down after all. I just happened across this and was curious to see the video dude did. lol Whatever happened to those mirrors to block out the sun you was talking about bro.? lmao!!!! 😀

  2. those pricks votebotted all of my videos back in January for showing their disgraceful child indoctrination practices. I packaged up the videos, created a torrent out of them, and shared them via TPB and demoniod. Now those videos have been uploaded all over the world to thousands. I also started uploading YouTube videos at a pace that was at least three times my previous rate.

    They will never shut us up, and when they try, it just makes us louder. They hate us, but they really hate freedom.

  3. I'll happily mirror his video, even though I don't necessarily agree with his points. A Web site owner has the right to post whatever they want on their site. If they choose to censor some comments, they are within their rights, much as a manufacturer can publish only positive testimonials for their products. For example, if I have a site about cats, and someone posts that they hate them. I can remove it. But trying to suppress opinion on someone else's site is crude and unethical.

  4. What about the combination of anonymity and religion produce people who censor and threaten others so regularly? The Christians I know in real life would never do such a thing. Does the internet just draw fridge freaks to the forefront of discussion or what?

  5. There are so many videos that I would have never known existed if not for some asshole false-flagging or vote-botting… My sub window fills up with 100 mirrors within hours…

  6. Some people, when they get a tiny bit of authority, loose their freaking minds. I call it Hitleritis. You vill obey!

    Wow, so its sounding like there's going to be a battle between that chat joint and the YT Atheists. Internet Wars. Mirror offensive. They'll get creamed.

    Time to get the redoubts ready, and have those back up channels in place and get the word out about them. I sub to quite a few back up channels, just in case they're needed.

  7. Thanks mate. I'll be doing an update on the situation later which sadly, is spiraling out of control off of YT.
    "Sometimes, they eat their own."

    Be aware folks, that YT user Tylzen is also at risk in all this.

  8. Moderators are often on power trips. You get the feeling these petty, small-minded individuals have never been put in a position of power or responsibility over anything and so when they finally do get that whiff of power they just fuck it up. I'll bet he can justify every ban to himself six ways to sunday, but treating people like shit, regardless of the scale it's on, is always a dick move.

    Now he's trying to make the natural next step, but he's a small fish in a big, predatory pond.


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