This is part 2 of a video on 17 of my personal faith hacks to getting from gory to GLORY! In the military they say “no guts no glory.” Well you and I are the Lord’s army. You and I can live our faith strong in this fallen world. These are just some things I’ve benefitted from over the last 4 years. Let me know what tips help you get closer to God’s glory.

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Here’s the full list:
Switch entertainment to G rated…bible cartoons, nature shows, travel shows, etc.
Avoid ads, commercials, news
Sleep with audio bible or sermon playlist
Prayers before bed, write dreams in morning
New friend rule
Look for reciprocity
Increase physical (tactile) softness, plushness, cleanliness, luxury
Get gut biome restored
Use a standard in conversation – speak life
Accept that prayer and study is your new lifestyle
Learn and practice social and relational etiquette
Have a stronger spiritual mentor, man or woman of God over you
Have a beauty mentor for allowing God to shine through
Go about finding people at your level
Steer away from watching too many expose-type videos
Acquire personal biblical revelation thru private prayer, fasting and scripture study
Study dreams, symbols, daily
Take advantage of every moment of isolation because you will come out of it a different person!

Jennifer serves the Lord as a prophetic counselor, seer, watchman and dream interpreter. This channel is a combination of biblical counseling, teaching, dream interpretation and prophecy to prepare the last days remnant to be a clean bride and ready ministers for the last days. Please share this video and the website links with those you know who need these messages.

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  1. Totally agree! Fasting is where I am. Prayer and in the word for sure. This is where I'm being guided. Kevin LA Ewing put out probably one of his best teachings on fasting that I've seen last night and he's done many on fasting of late. God bless you for this video! 🙂 It's always so wonderful when we realize that God's motivation for having us do these things is so He can be glorified through blessing us – how awesome is He?


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