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  1. you know what I remember I was laying down and feeling ready to take on the world even ready to die and I get out of the shower and here 2 people arguing than I get a thought I hope I don't get in the middle of it than swallowing swallowing swallowing over and over sweating lo cling myself in my room in the feeling like going in the fetal position for the rest of the day how can this be it I don't know what to say I need advice I hate it

  2. Your pretty popular spread the news to start praising God and see changes , don't look to politics and fake evil nothing would make God happier : drop to our knees and pray, and praise this is no joke if we don't we are goners❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  3. I'm definitely feeling the low on that cycle right now – I think our common enemy is coming on strong with the attacks of doubt on The Body right now and God is allowing this test – your message is spot-on and much needed right now…I've been rebuking and praying through these weird spells of doubt and these attacks that seem to be trying to put out that holy fire in me; a subtle dullness that would cause me to be lukewarm and worldly again if it could…but I'm fighting it, and you spoke to the realization I just had that these highs and lows are a natural part of walking with Christ, meant to refine us, that it's just not gonna be easy, and that's okay, we just have to roll with the inevitable punches, stay humble, repent when we have hurt God by sinning, and stay tucked under His wing. Peace and God bless, brother!

  4. Oh Heavenly Father Lord Jesus please forgive us all please forgive me thank you for bringing me to this channel to reflect cuz I wasn't feeling correct right are clear line with you I need to read center myself in u lord I see that now my god brother it's so confusing at times there's a dream that I had not long ago I saw everybody walking around completely asleep and I was running around trying to grab everybody trying to tell everybody please please wake up you're in danger and God said take that which is down and put it up because everything upside down right now and it truly is its so confusing and I'm so very tired of being in this world brother like I'm losing my mind even see the suffering in this world and seeing me continuously being ridiculously trying to keep my head above water and like you said here sometimes I feel like a prostitute and sometimes I feel like I'm right with God I can say I feel like superwoman but clear I have been fasting more and I know I need to do better thank you brother once again and God bless you always

  5. wow I actually feel like that I don't have a major thing on youtube or anything I have a few videos up reflecting certain things but each time I make a video even though I don't get any views I just go there to shower cuz I'm alone I isolate myself from completely celibate but there's a reason behind why I am it's because I have been through a lot of things throughout my life and I have fallen short greatly throughout all of these situations I've been hurt a lot and I have literally been a prostitute how was cartels and I still a great deal of shame and I had a vision of hell not that long ago I've seen it several times I've also see myself flying with Jesus and him talking to me about what's going on and everyday I look at myself and I sat in the hand things over and ask for forgiveness let's pray for one another I pray for you and for all of our brothers and sisters across the whole world I don't want anybody to go to that hell that is all thank you for the very sobering videos I really needed to hear why were here we're doing the importance of what Jesus did for us and what we need to do for Jesus we do need to save your your right I need a Savior god bless you brother if my voice text is messed up because I can't see very good which I kind of allowed to continue on because I didn't want to see all of this happening in the world kinda like a plug your eye out if it causes you to sin well this world just looking into this world I think a long time ago I didn't want to see because I thought I would sin some how and I already had anyways ok god bless you

  6. ROMANS 8:1-2
    That which you seek is found only in the CROSS. "For the preaching of the CROSS is them who perish foolishness, but unto us who are saved it is the POWER of GOD.


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