Kansas City Trade Rumors come from Chiefs Kingdom today as Harrison Graham breaks down the best NFL trade ideas from Chiefs fans. Lots of FUN Chiefs trade ideas are featured on today’s show around star NFL players including Matt Judon, Christian McCaffrey, DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, Mecole Hardman, Terrence Mitchell, Danielle Hunter and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

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5 Chiefs Kingdom Trade Ideas:
Trade #1 – Chiefs-Seahawks Trade:
– Chiefs Receive: DK Metcalf (WR), 2022 4th round pick (#109)
– Seahawks Receive: Mecole Hardman (WR), 2022 1st round pick (#29), 2023 5th round pick
Trade #2 – Chiefs-Vikings Trade:
– Chiefs Receive: Danielle Hunter (EDGE)
– Vikings Receive: 2022 2nd round pick (#50), 2022 3rd round pick (#103), 2023 6th round pick
Trade #3 – Chiefs-Panthers Trade:
– Chiefs Receive: Christian McCaffrey (RB)
– Panthers Receive: Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB), 2022 3rd round pick (#94), 2022 4th round pick (#134)
Trade #4 – Chiefs-49ers Trade:
– Chiefs Receive: Deebo Samuel (WR)
– 49ers Receive: Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB), 2022 1st round pick (#29), 2022 4th round pick (#134)
Trade #5 – Chiefs-Patriots Trade
– Chiefs Receive: Matthew Judon (EDGE), Terrence Mitchell (CB)
– Patriots Receive: 2022 1st round pick (#30), 2022 2nd round pick (#50), 2023 5th round pick

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Chiefs fans! Didn’t get your NFL trade idea featured on today’s show? Submit more in the comments + answer today’s questions:
– Should the Chiefs trade for DK Metcalf? Type ‘T’ for Trade, Type ‘P’ for Pass
– Is Christian McCaffrey worth the risk of trading for? Type ‘Y’ for Yes, Type ‘N’ for No
– Name a player the Chiefs should trade for!

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  1. What are you smoking to think they could get Metcalf for Hardman and a first??? I like the Chiefs but no way Seahawks are getting rid of him for less than 2 firsts and at least 4 draft picks total.

  2. DK Metcalf “T” if you get a sign and trade or “P”… You don’t trade away another speed man in Mecole Hardman unless you have Metcalf locked up for 5 years
    McCafrey straight out Hard “PASS” in 1 word Injuries


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