Aired Originally on March 25, 2014

BACK IN FEBRUARY 2012, Futurequake, one of the original radio programs for alternative Christian media ended a seven year tenure with their 300th episode. Just a month later, two random guys from Southern California decided to start their own show in a feeble attempt to fill the void. Some two years and 66 episodes later, the mastermind behind Futurequake has come out of the woodworks to join Basil and Gonz on Canary Cry Radio. Dr. Mike Bennett, more commonly known as Doctor Future, has been deep undercover working on his magnum opus; a five book series on the topic of the Holy War. In this episode, Doctor Future reveals details about his books, how the research has been coming along, and what he plans to do as he gets ready to release these writings. He also shares some dark moments in history that many are probably not familiar with.

Doctor Future received his Ph.D in Engineering in 2003, and served as a leader in a military lab for 16 years, developing protection technologies and other weird science contraptions. Since 2003, he’s operated his own company which combines technology development and consulting for military, governmental and commercial organizations, with his own in-house development of novel protection technologies. He was the main host of Futurequake from 2005 to 2012 with shows that aired on AM radio, as well as the internet. His interests include strange psychedelic, hot rod, and surf music, and all-electric cars which runs on 120 volts from ten car batteries and an 85-hp motor. He’s also made three movies with his movie production company which sparked fandom from all over the world. But most importantly, his passion for the Gospel and knowledge of Bible Prophecy and all things about the Future made this discussion one of the best Canary Cry Radio has ever seen.



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