Gemstones releases a music video for “Selfish,” track No. 8 of his album “Blind Elephant” that dropped today.
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  1. "Learn to let these demons free.."
    I NEEDED this. Like legit 100% needed to hear this song! I mean sitting on the edge, this was everything that I needed to be told. I got lost about a year ago been desperately fighting just STRUGGLING to find my way back, clinging on to every little thing trying to keep the light in front of me. I needed this reminder. I am saddened by the circumstances that led me to this video but I am truly grateful because it was so spot on.

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGG THIS IS THE STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD!!!!!!! AND THAT THERE IS SO MUCH HOPE!!! i love how the disgust was fully portrayed in all its heaviness without any nasty or traumatic imagery!!!!!!!!1 YESSSSSSSSSS SERIOUSLY GOD BLESS YOU SIR!!!!

  3. This had me in tears. It was like he was telling my story through most of this video. God has DEFINITELY redeemed me from my past, but when I see it playing out on the screen in front of me it definitely still touches me. It's almost like He wrote the video knowing a portion of my story. The tears are because I'm eternally GRATEFUL that He Saved me from my past & from myself.

    God is SO GOOD & He redeems everyone. If He redeemed me (& He RADICALLY did), He can redeem ANYONE!!! He will never force wholeness on us though. We have to seek His help, receive it, & yield to His Ways of doing things if we really want it.

    Trust me, from someone that spent 24 years running from the pain of my past by doing everything to numb it, He WILL Save you & COMPLETELY transform your life if you let Him! All you need to do is ask Him to. To God be ALL the Glory for my story!!! 💜💜💜🙏

  4. You can tell who holds the spirit of Yeshua the Christ in their heart by the fruit of their labor. This man is planting seeds in the world for the broken hearted.


  5. Not bad but I'm looking for another song. Still looking.
    Lyrics went something like
    "I get so confused
    That's why I am suicidal
    The pain never leaves
    You gotta sow it inside you
    And keep it there,
    Yeah you gotta keep it there"

  6. This song is a depiction of my life but unfortunately it is also a depiction of other people's lives. The difference between me and the world is Jesus Christ. I pray those who have gone through this come to know Jesus Christ and the healing and wholeness available in him.

  7. Aman Blessed be our Father in Heaven and the Everlasting Hope YAH Gives us in HolY YAHUSHUA Ha Mashiyach our Yeshua Redeemer Aman. Thank you for sharing this Truth with us and iam rejoicing and thankful to be in agreement in YAHUSHUA Ha Mashiyach's HolY Name Blood Hope Faith and Tzedakah Aman .

  8. This song has blessed me more than I could ever say this is such a blessing Hallelujah I pray that Gemstones will go far and be the best selling artist in the world our world needs his music ….there's freedom in Jesus …


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