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  1. Coincidentally, 322 is the secret number for Skull & Bones.
    – It is rumored to reference a third strand of DNA,
    …. which will be activated when the 5G network is completed.
    … As a result, humanity would be trapped here.
    However, they do not succeed…
    – Humanity wins, for it has already been written in the great book 🙏🏼🌹🌿
    No more tail eating for the ouroboros … we’ve reached the end of the snake 🙏🏼
    – Please pray for humanity 🙏🏼

  2. Looks like Geordie Rose Is now with Sanctuary a "sister company of Kindred" look at the page its a stairway to Heaven and Hell Sanctuary dot AI

  3. That guy is creepy. His website is creepy. Why was any of that funny? That was his childhood memories? It doesn’t make any sense. I guess you have to be initiated into the sick society to get the dark jokes…..I don’t wanna get those kind of jokes.

  4. Watch the new Cloverfield movie on Netflix. Tell me that it's not connected. Same concept. It's basically about a CERN space station that brings in demons from another world. And lo and behold, the monsters in Cloverfield are massive like the ones Georgie Rose is talking about. I know they're also putting their satanic agendas in movies for the public to see it. But people are so spiritually blind, that they don't even realize that they're putting it right in your face. God is beginning to expose all the satanic influence in the world. But at the same time, the devil surfacing and showing the world his ugly face. God is also waking up His people spiritually and revealing Himself to us, HIMSELF. Scripture is currently being fulfilled. It's beautiful.

  5. South Park did a series of "predictive programming(?)" episodes around 2010 or whenever the Gulf oil spill occurred. They did a number of episodes concerning Cthulhu befriending Cartman. Amazing how they seem to know about things far in advance. Just saw another episode of an adult cartoon from a few years ago where they referenced "physical trainers of gymnasts" being involved with molestation & we just had a incident involving the U.S. Woman's team a couple weeks ago.

  6. Wow! I read H.P. Lovecraft collection of stories a few years ago, before I was truly awake. I'm starting to see these symbols left and right. Thank you for mentioning this. It's a blessing how God guides us to information with divine timing. We will defeat the beast. We have an army of blessed spirits surrounding us to help us take them on and guide our paths to victory.

  7. Revelation 21:8 

    But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

  8. 3-22= Genesis 3:22 "transhumanism".. "They" want to be gods and the ONLY way "they" can be is through their "god lucifer" (Prince of The Air) and his technology "as above, so below" and it will be the only way he can see and hear everyone and everything at the same time because he is NOT "omnipotent" like his Creator (and ours) THE God ALMIGHTY! Granted, it could be pointing to March 22, as like 9-11 or it could be another "false flag"? Who knows what is crawling around in the kraws of these kreeps?!

  9. Hi Richie

    I don't mean to pester but I was just wondering if you could do me a huge favour…Devastatingly my wife passed away on 10/1/18 after a long battle with depression and alcoholism after the sudden death of her mother 7 years ago and was hoping that yourself and/or subscribers could possibly send up a prayer for my beautiful girl who was a mere 38 years old at the time of her passing…I would really appreciate it my friend…Keep up the good work Sir x

  10. Geordie Rose favourite songs: "2. A Corpse Without Soul / Mercyful Fate. It’s hard to pick one Mercyful Fate song over the others. But I decided to go with this one. If you ever doubted wanting to become a satanic cultist, just listen to this a few dozen times."

  11. good…rose can have cathuloo. he ca. summon and keep ALL those demo ic beings with him and HIS FAMILY!!! Renee Baltimore Md we donot consent. hi Richie💜🙋👍🌼🐝look forward to my coffee and your vids on a daily( as soon as the fam goes out the door in the a.m.). ps. seems I've got to pray before I listen to or watch alot of this insanity that g.r. is making his reality. stay strong stay safe and most of all stay "YOU"( Alot of us like you just the way u r😳)

  12. Under SONGS he says, "2. A Corpse Without Soul / Mercyful Fate. It’s hard to pick one Mercyful Fate song over the others. But I decided to go with this one. If you ever doubted wanting to become a satanic cultist, just listen to this a few dozen times. King Diamond and Mercyful Fate are seriously under-appreciated. Kind of like Lovecraft was obscure for a long time, then got picked up by pop culture, Mercyful Fate is some day going to be seen in hindsight as one of the greatest bands of all time."

    What the heck?!?

  13. I remember reading the Cthulu Mythos in High School, it is abject terror, this, Geordi Rose is a Zen Bhuddist and supposed to be "peaceful" yet is discussing these Lovecraftian creatures. Lovecraft was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

  14. Hi Richie! Thank you for sharing. It is interesting to see at 0:53 Cthulhu holding his fingers as the Antichrist does on the Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo Di Vinci, as also Baphomet does in its paintings. We can see it is all coming from the same broken entity/spirit: Satan. I wish you a nice day!

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