I am literally driving 500 miles out of my way to meet another YouTube content creator and do a live stream explaining how to fast like Jesus did and why we should fast as Christians something that I really need to do myself and probably many of you as well
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  1. I haven't ate in 3 days. I didn't even eat or celebrate for "Thanksgiving" my family got together and we preached to eachother truth and praised The Heavenly Father.

    It was an amazing day.
    USA is a Masonic medical experiment. I've had enough. I get vertigo all the time due to having had a stroke when I was only 23 years old. Cold turkeying from 80mgs/day Methadone.

    Much love Richie without a "t" God bless.

  2. Richie i cant believe how rad you go. I will die for truth and i need this info about fasting thanks my brother. Im not fat but they are trying to kill me via frequency no lie bro i have zero apetite i had the vertigo too its horrible i broke free after two days i had to use salt and pretzels to make me eat again .

  3. Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life keeps us attached to this world. Jesus told His Apostles that sometimes diseases and demons are so embedded that only by controlling one's self interests that you are able to think less about your own self and concentrate on God, and others. I've done God-called fasts of 30 and 40 days but this is only do-able if God called. Usually it's 1-2 days a week, a day or 2-3 at a time. By forgoing your own fleshy desires, it's like the windows of heaven open and prayers that haven't been answered for some time suddenly are being answered left and right. Basically, it's like what's more important to you your fleshy desires or God? Yes, short term fasting helps some bodily ailments as well. It purges toxins from the body. Let's face it. They aren't feeding us real food anymore anyway. Cheap food is fattening. Some of us can only afford the cheapest foods for ourselves and families. All fasts are honored by God but are so much easier and brings you closer to God if He calls the fast. There are all kinds of fasts. If you have diabetes or other health problems God will let you know what kind of fasting you'll do. Some fasts are just skipping a meal. Others certain foods. He'll let you know. Just keep a running dialog with Jesus Christ. Prayer warriors fast quite a lot. It comes with the territory. As it does for Watchman on the Wall. Hope I answered some prayer and fasting questions.

  4. Look for anything in your food or drink that has sucralose in it… One of the things that causes is obesity… Another inflammation of your liver… It kills all of the probiotics in your digestive system the good probiotics that is…

  5. Between hating the phone and especially texting and when you said sorry jesus like that cuz you felt the need. We are very much alike and i think. Keep up the good work big brother.

  6. When I was growing in my walk after being saved I felt God wanted me to fast. I was reading my bible and it was like He directly told me "fast 3 days just water" so I did…..that's when He really removed the blinders from my eyes and I began to wake up to so many things. It also helped me to be more sensitive in the spirit…I gained discernment and understood when God was directing me in the spirit. When fasting, focus on the word of God and your prayer life…be specific in your prayers. Stay strong and dedicated…you will be blessed!


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