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  1. Oh father delivered us from the evil man. Protect us ander your wings of protection day and night. Your are king of the universe king of king elohim t'za ot .though yahshuaj has mashia.Emet

  2. The Israel light Jews. Wait for their God that they call the. Mushiya. that Moses got the 10 commandments from. Yeshua Jesus they are no gods just stories. The first commandment that Moses was given is you shall not have no other gods before me. Plus it says in the Hebrew strips that sacrifices are abomination. He is in the front of your Bible in Exodus. His name starts with a j

  3. I had a dream of 4 suns or 4 blood moons. Vertical in stance. Top one was not bright in orange, then a gap, then 2, both slightly merged together but the one in the middle was red bright vibrant orange or red, then tne ladt one at tne bottom was the same as the first.

    Maybe a time line. I dunno. I need help with this one.

  4. The signs are there and the people of this earth are sleeping for the most part. We have come to that time that the bible speaks of. Now I am not a bible thumper and haven't gone into a church except for a wedding or a funeral since I turned fourteen. I am now 62 with an arterial disease and am running out of time I think. Our Father in Heaven will make the decision as to when he is ready for me. I believe in our creator, Our Father in Heaven. I believe in the ten commandments. The commandments God gave to Moses to give to your ancestors. Who are The chosen by Our Father in Heaven? They left the Middle East and traveled for a long time. Where do you think they went. They are all around you and may even be you. Look inside your heart for the answer. Do it soon cause there is not much time left.

  5. 100% I Believe this May the Lord protect his own and also save many who don’t know him and may he also have mercy on those who rejected him willingly ! Guys this is gonna be scaring !!!!!

  6. Life is no game life is real listen to what's going on when the storm it be ready it hit in some places.Its not just the weather it's everything around you.Who can you trust trust in him only whom speaks the truth.God gave Trump duties and he working on them all one by one.We could be asleep when all this happened I say my dream tells me something it coming slowly but I see some things going on.

  7. Omg! Tears of happiness when I see the destruction coming. Please come gather and protect us Father. They went too far with the punishment!!!

    Zech 1:15 and I am very angry with the nations that feel secure. I was only a little angry, but they went too far with the punishment.'

  8. the world needs to wake up, obviously these are the last days. so evident its ridiculously in ur face. fear mongers will simply keep lauging and denying. these days keep getting darker. lord be with you and God bless….

  9. You need to fix your audio the static it sounds like you're very far away and the videos that you show the other ones that you show any of videos I can hear them very well but you sound like you're far away try to come closer to the microphone and fix the bass put some bass in it please please and thank you

  10. I have tears streaming and im just so confused about God..i would think that a loving merciful Father, who holds all power, and is only working to prosper and not harm us, would not allow His creation, those that believe on His Son , and wirship the Almighty God, why is this His choice of our future..where because of evil satanists…everybody will suffer horrors happening on this earth..why has not an Almighty God stepped in with His power a long time ago and not allowed evil to ultimately be ruling…even an earthly father would'nt sit back and do nothing to stop evil moving in on his children…this just doesnt make me feel very loved, or my children very loved by their just so confused by the contradictions..and what a loving father does to protect…and does not make them suffer the penalities and punishment of the crimes of another…i just dont know how to feel about "the love of God" anymore…because these prophecies are not at all loving, they are full of wrath, and we all will experience it, and suffer from it…why?? That is just nowhere near what love is or means.

  11. Since every presidency has something evil and wrong with it why don't people go to another country since trump is so bad just leave you have a right to leave this evil America, but no the climb fences swim oceans to get to this evil trump run America go figure

  12. People!! Listen!! ⭕
    Part of greece has gone up in flames. Fires like tsunamis racing threw neighbourhoods and catching people off guard killing and hurting hundreds today is 8-15-2018. Their time has came!


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