PyRexx- Giant Killa Ft Bryann Trejo & Whosoever

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  1. This is why we need to be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ and be baptized with His Holy Ghost!!!! It’s more than a prayer of repentance, or accepting Christ…we don’t accept Him…He accepts us!!! A prayer of salvation is Not a prayer of salvation, it’s a prayer of repentance. Apply Acts 2:38 to your walk or you are going against Jesus words in John 3:3-5. What is β€œthe name” of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost???? Zechariah 14:9, Acts 4:12, Colossians 3:17

  2. Yeah Saul hood if your good. Some mission the poor, some the sick, some the widow, some the orphan, some the worker. Some pray and read more, some evangelise more etc. you guyz pump though through the speakers live and booth. Hard though for me to get amongst it with my mental illness returning plus depression atop that, say excuses perhaps but eryones shoes a different size, lol, I wish I was still out there but hard to find any christians that are 100 in my city but that ok I gotta stop altering my mind state over it or I lose the chance to do things my Jesus and I or even find other christians who want to pray, mission & and bible talk. I wait, I pray, and hope for a change in my life so I can win more souls. Every stories different and same body different members, I’m weak an ain’t none building me but still I persist with his grace through the pits dirty and unshawn waiting for the miracle. Love knows best, wrestling with the beast in my mind plus fend off the poisonous snakes without help is way hard but hey I bet worth it once it’s slayn, not just Jesus in the end but the father and the spirit too, gonna be big. Never give up even when no body loves you enough to chill and be real, still the mirror tells me I gotta do it, no one else. Peace yaw. GodblesS

  3. Love Jesus more than anything! Love Jesus more than the pleasures of this world! Prayers to all my Gagsters and Thugs who are trying to reflect Lord Jesus Christ, the harder the struggle the stronger you get, peace.


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