On this episode of Global National: For months, doctors, nurses and patients across the country have been sounding the alarm about the state of Canada’s health-care system. Ontario has responded with its own five-point plan to help ease pressures on the overburdened system. But as Mike Drolet reports, experts are worried the plan includes private solutions to a public problem.

Another heat wave has scorched much of Western Canada. While stretches of extremely hot, dry weather are happening across Canada, such extreme temperatures are happening most frequently in the north and west. Vulnerable Canadians are most at risk in extreme heat. And as Lauren Pullen reports, it’s not just outdoor temperatures that are cause for concern.

Reaction continues to pour in after a Global News exclusive revealed medical assistance in dying was offered to a Canadian veteran looking for treatment for post-traumatic stress. Now calls are growing for an in-depth investigation into the incident and more veterans are sounding the alarm over the organization tasked with helping former soldiers return after duty. Mercedes Stephenson reports.

Is the federal government qualified to protect our privacy while handling national security threats? Most Canadians don’t think so, according to a poll done for the government and obtained by Global News through a Freedom of Information request. As Tom Vernon explains, with global conflicts fought more often in the online realm, our information is becoming a target.

Questions continue to swirl about what was in the highly-classified documents found during an FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. A U.S. judge has signalled he’s willing to unseal the affidavit supporting the search warrant on former president Donald Trump’s Florida home. Jackson Proskow has the latest on the long list of legal woes facing Trump.

It started as a meme: a symbol that pairs an orthodox religious icon with a high-tech anti-tank weapon. Now a Canadian with Ukrainian roots has turned “Saint Javelin” into a brand and it’s been seen on high-profile figures like President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. As Crystal Goomansingh reports, it’s boosting both morale and money for the Ukrainian cause.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/9069716/ontario-health-care-system-changes/

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  1. The Canadian health care system has failed 💯 this so called "government" grotesquely thoughtlessly self destructive or is acting in malice.. Either way it's transparent they have no care for the Canadian citizen that is absolutely crystal.

  2. The only solutions to healthcare I hear from pundits and politicians is either privatization or foreign workers. All this does is keep the system from any actual reform. There are no guarantees that foreign workers will stay or agree to work in a rural area. And privatization will not ever happen in Canada it would cause a literal revolution.

    How about reducing or elimination the tuition costs of medical fields and adding incentives to keep graduates local in the community they have ties to. We do have a serious problem with getting people living wages and decent work, maybe not putting person betterment behind a paywall might help. Why incentivise foreign doctors with big payouts and no loyalty that just means they will work in the GTA and Vancouver.

  3. Thanks to Justin for laying off so many workers for refusing the juice. Reap what you sew, too bad we have a fascist dictatorship in Canada otherwise people would still be working as per usual.

  4. 😁 who in right mind want to be a nurse or work in healthcare? Is so much regulations !!! You have to be vaxxed even if you already had Covid. Be always politically correct can't disagree with polices that offen don"t make sense etc. etc. I know that because my wife work there. I see how tired and frustrated she is for the past 2 years. More regulations and mandatory policies will destroy what we have..

  5. Canadians Can Go Fund me / Heath Care Beggars

    Need Health Care Best become a MP they have The Best and Everything is Covered Even house calls .. No Nurse in Ontario has received the 5000$ promised By Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones ??? Are The Hospital CEOs Keeping the Cash ???? A former Halifax Childrens Hospital CEO Tracy Kitch convicted of fraud for using a corporate credit card to pay for about $47,000 in personal expenses was sentenced Wednesday to five months in jail.

  6. If the goverment want to help put the unvacinated nurse back to work and also put the unvacinated soldier back to work and stop paying for mainstream media like global from lying about James Topp being a white supremises he is a hero who marches for freedom for everyone no mater what color of skin race or religion their are !!

  7. 1% wage growth is embarrassing. It's under half target economic growth and unsustainable for anyone to even survive let alone pay tuition costs. To be fair putting a solid number down is unrealistic as well. It should reflect actual growth to maintain a standard of living. If balanced properly, the allocated taxes would continue to pay for them as it also reflects economic growth.

  8. Interesting new development. My theory for the security,prosperity and insuring of liberty for the ''' Collective Of North American Civilization'' best at this Point In Time.

    Good News is that Eye Love You. Calling for an immediate ceasefire !

    That stated, read the following thrice carefully and and please only discerning, wise and questioning persons respond : Back in October 2019, as a World Peace Advocate, Independent Student Scholar of History, Geopolitics, Wars & Civilizations and Independent Security Analyst and Theorist HAD concluded that we ( North America, NATO member countries and THE WEST) are on a path towards WW3 due to the US-CHINA TRADE WAR begun by the Trump Administration back in early 2018, The Arrest of the CFO of Huawei Meng Whenzou by the RCMP in Canada in order to honor an extradition treaty with the USA, other geopolitical events, & the historical event known as Pearl Harbor. Concluding as an Independent Thinker, Analyst and Philosopher that we ( Humanity ) are on a Path Towards WW3 HAD created, designed & made a New Training Program produced to go hand in hand with a WW3 scenario. Thus, October 17 2019 HAD performed the 1st session of the General War Integrated Total Body Training System aka The 300 Workout integrated & in parallel to a near future timeline witch was the WW3 scenario. 93 Days later, the COVID 19 Crisis Began ! In parallel to my WW3 scenario witch is caused by a Stock Market Crash witch consequently triggers a Global Financial Collapse the Coronavirus began. Not sure what caused Covid believe it was snakes but cannot rule out another possibility. What do know is my scenario HAD a solution the creation of a New Institution : The International Citizen Integrated Social Security Force aka The Dragon Army witch am calling for the creation. Tell the Leaders of the Free World Dragon Zero's Message : Drop Down and give Dragon 13 pushups with Love & For The Sake of World Peace.

    What say ye ? Will you join the Dancing Goddess & Dragon Kingdom for World Peace ? Can u support, volunteer, bless & love Adrian Hannah Dragon's World Peace Work ?…

  9. Regarding OUR Veterans, the Crimeminister said himself "they ask to much". Hands his kids off to a private nanny paid for by us, hops on a private jet paid by us and vacations in a country that boosts their economy not ours. Talk about crooked, immoral, and unfit for office.

  10. CANADA IS A DISGRACE…..Hiring IMMIGRANTS NOW to filling the POSITIONS our NAZ| Government Fired during Pandemic….EVERY penny these IMMIGRANTS Make Will be Sent Out of Country …..ASHAMED TO BE CANADIAN 🇨🇦👎👎

  11. Sad day when the Canadian Government is offering retired military veterans the opportunity to be euthanized rather than continue living into their old age and remain a "burden on society" due to their higher health care needs.

  12. A two tier system–one for those who can afford it and one for the rest of us–will be the end of public health. Demand the government properly fund the system to full efficiency.

  13. I'm a disabled so who lives 10 minutes from the most technological advanced hospital in North America, Humber River ETOBICOKE General Hospital in Ontario. I spent 2 months there and created CPPP shortly after. It is not necessary to renovate, 20 year old adaptable homes and offices or portable. Who do I scream at?


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