We covered this a year or two ago, and clearly science has felt the need to address and label it away.
https://geoengineering.environment.harvard.edu/ SPRAYING THE SKIES
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk5M49izx6w&t=85s NASA S’COOL

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  1. My brother-in-law is a pilot with British Airways. He has flown every plane in their fleet (they all have different numbers on them) and he can assure me and has invited me to fly up in the cockpit many times, that British Airways does NOT partake in any ridiculous notion of cloud spraying. They do eject excess fuel and water before landing as the plane needs to under a certain weight before landing. What you are seeing is hot air being compressed and ejected from the rear of the turbine engine hitting cold air and making Contrails….NOT chemtrails. He can't vouch for what any other airlines in the world are doing, only the one he has flown with for 34 years as a pilot.

  2. I went on a road trip and listened to some NPR as I like some of the music on there, now and then. It's so pathetically obvious to anyone aware of their propaganda, the NASA lies on the Challenger "disaster" were on air yesterday. They were chatting about a painted soccer/football being put on display in 'remembering" and "honoring" their lie. I could not help but reflect on the several websites and videos folks like RFB have put out debunking the "deaths" of those 7 astroNots. All of them seem to be aging quite nicely.

    If you want to remember and honor the dead, choose Jesus/Yeshua to remember and honor. He's the only one who deserves it. No painted soccer ball, no device, no idol worship needed.

  3. I filmed a glowing cloud it's on my channel, the sun hadn't quite come up yet so the light source couldn't of been coming from the sun. There was lots of cloud cover yet only one cloud lit up so bright I was confused as to what it could be. Anybody got any ideas?

  4. So many new maladys today! Can't believe how many new medical facilities are popping up! Why are people so damn sickly today, Money!! Wake up people!! Great stuff again RFB 👍🇺🇸

  5. Richie, you know that talking chem clouds is a diversion, tell everyone that they are not clouds and what they really are, come on…..do us a favor and be honest

  6. That glow is the iconic heating of the atmosphere. It causes thunder storms the increasing activity by humans is code for chemtrailing, but they make it sound like driving your car is the cause. In essence they’re doing it and blaming us.


  8. Such nonsense and fodder for the masses. Same with the weather. We had this low haze film in the air and the sky and the news reported that it was from an African Dust storm. We are only some 5,500 miles plus to the West Coast of Africa. Yea, African dust storm with a few nanolucent clouds to blow in for a summer's eve sunset.

  9. It's hard enough to be the only person awake in the family but what's even harder is watching them get sick while they're thinking they're doing healthy activities like walking outside 5 miles everyday. Whenever I talk to my brother over the phone, after he's been walking all day, he is congested, coughing and sneezing and I'm very concerned because he's getting older. If I started talked about the chemicals being sprayed he would make up a fast excuse to hang up.

  10. Here in the UK were presently having 90 degree heat, blue skies and sunshine (which is weird enough of late in the UK) but what's really weird is the chemtrails/contrails have absolutely stopped, I'm not even seeing any planes when just before the heat wave the damn sky was covered in them and the planes were flying two abreast all over the place.
    But even though it's sunny the blue sky is slightly off, used to be bright blue that almost hurt your eyes but now it's like it's covered in a white smog, nowhere near same as normal but still weird.
    I'm sure they've allowed the sun to come out for the tennis season and the World Cup football etc, soon as that's finished back to the magical expanding chemtrails, start off as plane exhaust smoke then turn into a blanket of cloud.

  11. all corrupt deception comes from the christ hating jews, do you trust jesus christ or them? cnn fox cbs abc nbc hbo disney apple android facebook youtube google planned parenthood oxycontin the federal reserve (father of net neutruality) and much much more owned or operated by a jew, they have been expelled as a race from over 100 countires/states in the past 500 years fomthe same exact thing…america went from a godly christian nation full of blessings, to sodom qmd gommorah, just like the other countries did, its time to realize we are chosen by god, to come back to him as a nation, and to pray for the end of this satanic synagogue and our captivity from them

  12. Here in the UK dementia and Alzheimer's are the leading cause of death all of a sudden and we are having the longest hottest heatwave in over 40 years. It's averaging 85 degrees in the north west of England where I am and in Wales. Usually London is always always a few degrees higher. Some days we get continuous sprays sometimes following the paths of the sun, other days there are different patterns or big fat Criss crosses. It's dark for less than 5 hours a night and the sun can still burn your skin at 9pm. All I remember from being young are the fluffy cotton wool clouds but actually thinking back I don't really remember much more. Ive never looked at the sky and sunsets and rises as much in my life and although it breaks my heart the irony of it all I still love and appreciate the earth and the world

  13. If you want to wake up your friends and family to the evils in this world., Don't sit them through hours of 9/11 or tell them the devil wants to suck out their fear. Come on over to Richie From Boston coz when you filter through all the bullshit, misinformation, fake truths and downright weird shit he's still the voice of reason and common sense, keeps things real and hasn't deviated. Nice one Richie my friend

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