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Tech is great..but how far we take it…that’s the mistake!
Go on–take another Bite(BYTE)..just like in the Garden!



  1. I love this video. Deep stuff. I like how you had the same women with the robots throughout the video and in the end she is seduced in bed with technology. Most people will miss it. Wow. God bless you Nic

  2. God bless you, I am so thankful to Yahweh for leading me to your channel. I believe all of us here were brought here to discover truth & the strong blessings from this knowledge! I have in prayer, asked to know the truth/ so tired of all these years of being blind & deceived. What a wonderful creator!

  3. HUGH JACK-MAN has been portraying very specific movie roles. In Van Hel-sing he is the angel Gabriel, in Wolverine he is Immortal as well (I am thinking lucifer). In Real Steel, he is living being controlling a robot, could this be a mockery of spirits controlling people?

    God bless and may Jesus Christ/Yahoshua Ha'Mashiach claim him people. Shalom.


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