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Hi Brothers and sisters, this is my sisters rapture dream! God bless you all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโœจ



  1. If you havenโ€™t known Jesus! Give your heart to him today! God is so REAL and he loves you so much! Find a quiet place, get down on your knees and say โ€˜Lord please forgive me for my sins, of the things that I have done that are not of your will. I believe in you Lord Jesus, I believe that you came to this earth, God wrapped in the flesh to die for my sins that I may live and have eternal life. I believe that you are who you say you are and you rose on the third day! Lord Jesus I give my heart to you, my life is yours. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโœจ in Jesus name I pray, amen.

  2. I am so encouraged by your encounter. People think we are crazy I had two similar encounter which prompted me to start a YouTube channel and I also loaded my experience . Letโ€™s support each other by sharing and subscribing to one anotherโ€™s channels so we can spread the word letโ€™s make this viral . Watch share and subscribe https://youtu.be/AzxmeFGrEoo

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  4. This sounds like Paulโ€™s conversion. I know that God will draw many to him in the last days. We cant give up on planting seeds everywhere we go, myself included. We never know what the Lord wants to do with their lives. Our job is to share the truth!!! ๐Ÿ’—

  5. The system of satan in my opinion:
    Order out of chaos. They will crash the worldeconomy.
    No more cash.
    Basic income for everybody.
    No more debts.
    A vaccine against corona and other viruses.
    With the vaccine they inject you with a chip ,
    then they can follow you , and do they need 5G.
    The chip or the vaccine will change your dna,
    then you are not human anymore. And you cannot enter heaven.
    Only one Way to escape this wicked world:

    We must be born again to be saved in this time as gentiles.
    We must repent and ask Jesus forgiveness for our sins. When your sins are forgiven Jesus baptizes you with the Holy Spirit without using water.
    Then the Holy Spirit in your heart do not let you sin anymore!
    Because you get His commandments in your heart and in your mind. Then you love God and your neighbors 100 %.
    You dont steel , lie and want to have something from others etc.
    Then you are really born again.
    Ask Jesus in your heart!

    16 May 2011 , I asked Jesus in my heart.
    I was ill at the time.
    Overstrained or burne out and very restless.
    I then felt a vibration going through my body from my head to my toes. Immediately afterwards I became very calm.
    The next morning I was again very restless.
    This lasted about a week.
    I then had a dream that I lived in a prison.
    And a voice then said to me that the devil had to get out of me.
    I then prayed for the devil to leave me.
    Immediately afterwards I felt that same vibration from head to toe again and at the end of it a voice said: you are now free! and now start reading the bible.
    Suddenly I felt a lot of peace and love.
    I was changed from a sinful, selfish person to a born again Christian with a lot of love for the other. And experienced a lot of rest.
    When Jesus has made you free, you are free from sin and free from death.
    Afterwards my illness was the best thing that happened to me.

    revelationchapter12 has video @ he cites an article regarding what is going on RIGHT NOW with the 2 Benjemins in Israel and it LOOKS LIKE THE THE 3RD TIME/3RD FAIL IS JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN LIKE DAYS OR WEEKS! He then puts up the prophecy that was written regarding Israel would have 2 Benjamins and neither would form a gate or a government and there would a third fail and before IT COULD BE reBUILT AFTER THE 3RD FAIL… THE SON OF DAVID WOULD COME..! It appears that we are days/weeks away from this! He put up the prophecy at mark point: โ€‹

  7. Meg, Halleluyah! The Lord heard your prayer for your family, God is beyond good. God bless you and yours sister in Christ Jesus. Thanks for sharing so much, keep on going as the Lord leads you to make videos. Take care.

  8. I'm so excited your sister had this experience. She will want to pursue the Lord now because of how great he is and it was revealed to her. She won't want to miss out.

  9. I also had a rapture dream Monday or Tuesday night this week. My first ever. It was very encouraging. I heard a moderate sounding trumpet blast twice and it woke me from bed. In the dream I felt like the trumpet was inside of a bag or a box and I could see the image of it partly covered so not everyone could hear it perhaps only christians. I sat up in bed and I knew this is it, my body suddenly started to rise straight up and went through the ceiling. But I stopped rising when I began to think of earthly things. I thought of my four kids and immediately God gave me a vivid vision in the dream of my kids safe and full of joy, bright brilliant colors. The vision ended and I was thinking of seeing my mom before I left and I was suddenly in her house in Pennsylvania and I woke her up and said it's the rapture trust me and I said take my hand and sing Jesus loves me and we sang together. Then I woke from the dream. I'm going to be honest I do not recognize the room I was in and I felt separated from my family when it occured. It almost reminded me of a hospital room or large jail cell with a full size bed in it. Nothing else. So I'm not sure what condition we Christians will be in when it happens.
    I also had a dream in May about a forced Vaccine. And I escaped them pushing the needle in my arm by flying up into the air about twenty feet and woke up.

  10. I pray with all my heart for the Lordโ€™s coming. I long for his coming. I want to be in his presence. The God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Elijah and the prophets. The king of kings and Lord of lords. My rock, my refuge and my salvation.


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