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  1. Thank you Shon for be obedient to your Lord, he is all we need, yes that one devil is walking to and from seeing who he can devour. God bless you and I pray that these words and your prayer will reach the ears of my grands and great grand sons, as well as many others. In Jerusalem name Amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🕇🕇🕇❤❤❤

  2. Without knowing about the magical changes that the Antichrist has made in our bibles in the last few years, which was talked about in many end time prophecies that everyone previously misinterpreted,  you will never be able to understand bible prophecy correctly.

     I started noticing changes in my bible in 2014 that I could not explain which I had been memorizing scripture out of since 1961. That was a couple years before I got my first computer. But since 2016 I've seen hundreds of videos by brothers and sisters who had searched for and found proof of what the KJV said before which also matched what I remember.  

    In these films documenting what used to be written in the KJV, all of the prophecies that are being perfectly fulfilled by this supernatural phenomenon are pointed out and explained. Here are just some of those prophecies.

     In Amos 8:11 God said that He was going to send a famine, not of food or water, but of hearing His words. In Daniel 12:4 & 12:9 God told Daniel to "seal" his book until the last days. And in Revelation 22:10 He told John not to seal his book because the time is at hand. One of the Greek definitions for "seal" in Strong's concordance is "to protect from Satan". In Daniel 7:25 God said that the Antichrist would "think to change times and laws" (which turned out to mean history and scripture along with laws of physics) and that God would give him the power to do so for a while. This is what the "lying signs and wonders" of 2nd Thessalonians 2 was talking about also.

    As hard as it is for most Christians to believe, the proven fact is, all bibles have been supernaturally changed right in our homes and there are now thousands of scripture changes in every bible on earth!!!     

     God commanded us to "prove all things" and I have provided lots of undeniable proof for true followers of Jesus Christ in my playlist which can be found by typing in (PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE RESIDUE JUNKIE) 👈

     I haven't read any bible for years but instead have continued studying scripture and growing MUCH closer to the Word of God, (JESUS CHRIST), by simply learning what all has been changed. Satan is imperfect and he misses lots of stuff like bible quotes in other old books, videos of sermons, song lyrics, movie lines etc, and the videos showing what's changed always have these proofs of what was, which we refer to as "residue." (thus my name)     

     This is unquestionably the most important and exciting thing that's happened since the day of Pentecost! The strengthening of faith that comes with seeing irrefutable proof of the validity and accuracy of God's Holy prophetic word is unimaginable!!! Unfortunately though maybe only 1% are experiencing it, so far. 

    ❕👉  Whenever anyone is reading ANY bible now without knowing a LOT about what the thousands of supernatural changes in it are, Satan is laughing his tail off! And here's why, he understands why rat poison is 100% effective. It's 99.95% corn. Rats can't resist it and it kills every rat that eats it! They won't eat it if there's enough poison in it that they can taste it. He could have changed all the words, but then even the tares would notice it.👉 And he wouldn't have changed what he did if it wouldn't bring people to Hell. There are changes on every page of the KJV, more than any other translation…go figure. So if you aren't seeing changes on every page, you're doing exactly what Satan wants, eating his "rat poison"! I haven't opened my bible, (a KJV) that I got in 1961 and cherished my whole life, in over six years and will never read another one the rest of my life. I learned so much about this that I can't even LOOK at it now without getting a creepy feeling like looking at a Ouija board or a voodoo doll or something! 👉I give everybody the same advise, first watch all the films in my playlist which you'll find by just typing in (proof of bible change residue junkie) for a good understanding of how this is perfectly fulfilling many end time prophecies which we had all previously misinterpreted and to receive a 1,000% increase in faith,👉 then print out the PDF brother Tim has at his KJV restoration project at (I have to write this website in code or skroo tube won't post this comment!) amos ate dot oh are gee, of a long list of the changes that have been documented.👉 And then instead of reading any bible, watch as many of the other videos those channels have made on this as you can before the lights go out and Amos 8:12 is fulfilled too. That way you'll only be reading God's words instead of a mixture of His and Satan's. There'll be time to read Satan's rat poison later if you still want to.

    YHWH bless!!!  ❤✝️💪

    P.S. After people have taken all of the required eugenics injections, they will apply a quantum dot invisible tattoo to their right hand or forehead which glows under black light. But anyone who has had just one of them has a bluetooth mac # that can be read by any smart phone and when they walk through the metal detector at an airport they know if you have taken it or not. The no buying or selling part is happening incrementally and will be complete when cash is abolished. "Worship" can be defined as, "to fear, obey, trust in and depend on someone or thing" which is what they're doing with the Beast system and the Image of the beast, (NWO & TV!) Yes, this absolutely is it, and the 12 SHOCKING  films in the top comment on my community page will PROVE it to anyone who has the courage to watch them. (To access my community page you must use google chrome to go to my channel.)
    You may also write and ask for the links at the address on my ABOUT page. ❤✝️💪

  3. Shon, its inspiring to hear how far you come on your walk. We the same gen so I hope to see you and talk testimonies, he’s bring us brothers together to help our lost friends! Keep the fire burning, circumstances= kindling

  4. AMEN! Young man, you are anointed by God to bring the truth to your generation. Every experience that you have ever gone through has prepared you for this moment! May God continue to give you the zeal that you have to preach his gospel. I pray for your protection and for God to continue to bless you!
    1 CHR 29:11-12: “Yours, LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. Wealth and honor come from you…”


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