Is God preparing you for a relationship after you have been in a long season of singleness? What steps will God lead you to take if you want to be married one day but you have been single for a long time? Here are 3 signs God is preparing you for a relationship after a long season of singleness.

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  1. Well I’m still single and I don’t care if I stay single. I’m 33 years old. I haven’t been in a relationship since I was 15 years old. So frankly I don’t give a dam whether if God has my future spouse. Hell I hope she finds some else. I do not care to meet her at all.

  2. There is no call to singleness. If you're single and you dont care that just means you are asexual.

    If you're chronically single and you cant find a partner, either everyone is taken or you are unattractive.

  3. P.S. God doesn’t want you to be a SIMP. That’s the enemy. The enemy loves simps. He loves when people move mountains for other people that don’t even care for others l. Man doing stuff for a woman that doesn’t really care about his heart. Woman doing stuff for a man that doesn’t care for her heart.

  4. That's so interesting…I been abstinence for 10 years…and at one time my desire to be married was really strong….than all of a sudden…it went away,.,I wasn't struggling with masturbating…or lust or nothing…I wondered what's wrong with me…am I dead? Is this what's await an abstinence PERSON? A sneak attack to just be separate to God for life? No desires at all for marriage or men??? I felt like it was so cruel to abstain from sex only to be rewarded with absolute feelings of lifelessness….but this VIDEO has given me Hope!!! Thank you 💖

  5. Being single is something beautiful. When your single, just be thankful for that stage of your life and enjoy the journey, because onces the relationship comes in, it's not good to longing for being single.
    Everything has it's season and time with a reason. Not our way of thinking, but let it be His way. Be blessed, and stay blessed

  6. This God is so amazing. This Jesus is such a wonderful being. This Holy Spirit is the lover of my soul. This God is awesome. I love God with all my heart. God will always love us, believers and unbelievers alike He shaped us all in our mother's wombs. He loves each and every one of us

  7. You say "singleness" like it's a disease. Not everybody is meant to be married, nor should everybody be married. God is not a matchmaker. We are all here to live our lives of our own free will.

  8. been through heartbreak a lot.I know God's timing is good for me….now i am afraid to fall in love but I know ,God knows me well and He knows how my heart was right now and then.Amen….


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