The Holy Spirit gave me a specific vision and prophetic word from God about the COVID-19 Vaccines and what Satan has been trying to do to the body of Christ this past year. Please note that though the specific prophecy is near the end of the video, nearly all of the video is prophetic content the Holy Spirit gave me to share in response to the vaccine controversies.

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and speaker. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. I never got the vax there was just something about it that I didn't something inside of me was telling me no ,I lost my job but found a better one thanks to God my girlfriend didn't get it either I know deep down inside that we did the right thing in my opinion this was a test of what's to come ,God bless everyone

  2. you should speak as a christian against the vaccine it is a precursor to the mark of the Beast!!! you should tell beleivers tobtrust God for protection and not some man made virus that can kill someone !! you should say as for me and my house we wont take it!! you do whT you want but i wouldnt take it!!!

  3. I was never vaxed I believe I am the works of my Almighty Father who was, is and always in control, He Has cured me from many sicknesses, I have been working through the pandemic till today, my life is in His Hands. Amen.❀

  4. Forcing the mark of the Beast will happen after the Rapture. He can not tell the believers you must take. The way it will happen is that every one will know it is the Mark of the Beast and Satan will tell them, if you do not take this mark you can not buy or sell meaning you can not work as well just like they try with Covid. But Satan has to say it, it is the Mark of the Beast. There is no other way. When a believer hear this is the Mark of the Beast, he/she will have a choose to take it or not. If they take they will never be redeemed they belong to Satan. If they refused to take Satan will kill them. But if you are Spirit Filled believer you will choose to die instead. At that point many will choose to die. They are already left behind they are not raptured therefore they want to be with Jesus and loves ones they know they are raptured. It will be Satan who will lose even at that time. This covide think males many believers to trust the Lord and do not take it. And some took it and I do not judge them at all. As for me I did not give in for their fear. I told them if it is Covid which will kill me so be it. I got Covid not ones two times the first one for two month I was sick. I did not even go to hospital. I prayed and drink a lot of flued and took Vitamin C, D and Zink and eat which gives me energy and I got recovered. Imagine I am considered high risk. It was truly a test and by now many Christians learn a listen. Yes, the Devil and his evil dowers wanted many people to die but it did not work for them either. Because the Key of Death and Hell is in Jesus Christ hand Revelation 1;-18. Unless Jesus Christ allow NO one die. He is the ONE who send to HELL. When He died on the Cross what HE did to Satan was, HE took the two Key which was in his hand, Death and HELL. This is where he and his fallen angles are working right now to take back human back again to that era pre the Cross work. It is done and Jesus said it is FINISHED. Satan can not go back what it was before. In fact what will happen next is Satan and his fallen angles will be thrown out of Heaven as well soon and they will never go back to heaven again. That is why you and I are here and fighting the EVIL ones. Read Revelation 12 for that and be part of the group where by who will send Satan and his offspring and fallen angle where they belong come to earth and then in the end HELL.

  5. I received the vaccination and now I have Rheumatoid Arthritis a very serious auto immune disease they say is incurable but I know jesus and god and take this away from my body. PLEASE everyone here who reads this PLEASE PRAY FOR ME Jasmine Rosario is my name. I am only 32 in in so much pain every day. I believe the vaccine caused this I regret getting it so much. PLEASE pray and have your prayor warriors pray for my healing

  6. Before taking the vaksine I prayed to Jesus Christ to protect me. I felt I was pressed from family and friends and felt total helpless. But God see our sitrongress and weakness and know what to do to help
    Thank You Jesus Christ for Your help and protection
    You know every single case

  7. I asked God about the vaccine and he said, I don’t care if you take the vaccine, I don’t care if you don’t take the vaccine, the people who die are the people who are appointed unto death. The people who don’t die are the people who are not appointed him to death. And once again I realized it’s all in his hands.

  8. About the covid vaccine I had warning dream about it months before the government told us to get one. I saw my twin took twice in my dream and I questioning what happened with my work if I don't want to take it and still have to work. Is my employer will fire me?, then the God told me "No!, I will shield you and her (my daughter)". Before pandemic I started working 2 jobs and thanks to God we are not get an covid regardless not to get vaccinated. And I have no issue with my employers either for not get a jab nor my daughter have no issue with school not to have vaccine. And here we are still here alive and no vaccine no covid and still have a normal life. Trust only to God!

  9. God Bless you. Romans 14 is in regards to food. Look up Strongs Concordance 5331. And the meaning of the word Pharmakia. Please keep in mind; this isn’t opinion. And as a teacher/ preacher of the Holy word of God, you are held at a higher accountability to β€œequally divide the word of truth.” For your and your children’s sake, and the sake of those you teach, β€œStudy to shew thyself approved.”

  10. you exist in an awe inspiring universe of a magnitude beyond recognition to the primitive memes bouncing around in your head and you'd rather stand in direct opposition to hundreds of years of scientific methodology in order to preserve the ignorant ramblings of sheep herders that thought we lived under a firmament, that the universe revolved around the earth, that the sun had to stop to lengthen the day, and that the Earth was flat and upon pillars. When an atheist challenges your fairy tales it's done with knowledge and evidence. When a theist challenges science it's done without either. Faith is defined as the belief without proof. I'd rather believe facts than the unsubstantiated and debunked claims of stone to bronze age goat herders.


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