God of War Ragnarok Kratos sees his legacy in future prophecy and starts crying, ending scene

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  1. "In your lifetimes, has anyone ever worshipped you? Every prayed to you? Can you even imagine that kind of love?" Maybe not. Being worshipped and feared as a harbinger of doom is different than being loved and respected. But now, after everything he's been through, Kratos can begin to earn it. "There is much to do. Much to rebuild."

    I love the tonal contrast in how these two God of War games ended. 2018 ended with a cliffhanger, an omen of what's to come before a solid cut to credits. But as far as I've seen, RagnarΓΆk simply plays the credits while offering the spoils of the 8 remaining realms. Complimenting the closing dialogue, there is an air of hope and optimism. This tale may be over, but there is still so much more possibility ahead.

  2. I love this ending, seeing Atreus going off on his own adventure and Kratos finally getting the reputation and love he deserves made me almost cry😭

  3. The point was that he had learned from his past and it hopefully won't happen again Loki aka Atreus will grow up and be a good man not a god who will hurt the people below but a god who will treat others with respect and same level type of status he will kill only when necessary and he will be a better god that kratos's father never was same with kratos's past he was a god who killed other gods due to his anger and now that he snuffed it out for good that barbaric mindset is over "we must be better than this" he repeats this with some of the bosses he encounters because he doesn't want anger to take control of anyone and be destructive he wants peace which is honestly a fire scene I grew up with this character and to see what I've been through and how the past always messed with my mindset just seeing another character beat himself up from the mistakes he's made is honestly……..it's good

  4. so it says that faye destroyed atreus shrine so that he will choose his own path, not following the fate or prophecy. my theory is atreus didn't do the first step of his so called prophecy the giant told in the shrine meaning altering the whole path it suppose to go. and "when there's death there will always be death". i think faye died so that kratos may live , that's why the shrine prophecy isn't accurate but still leads to ragnarok.

  5. For me the cool part of this game too is the fact that in Greek mythology when Cronos killed his father Uranus, Cronos family line was cursed with the cycle of patricide (where the child will always kill the parent) Cronos died by Zeus and in GoW Zeus died by Kratos. So Kratos was destined to die by Atreus. By hiding the truth about his past from Atreus in the last game Kratos was also trying to spare his life too hoping to avoid the "cycle". As Kratos would echoe Zeus' words from the 3rd game "The cycle ends here." When he killed Baldur. And Kratos said earlier in the game "nothing is written that cant be unwritten". And Mimir also said at one point that "the Cycle of Revenge is not so easily broken." But Kratos chose a different path not taken by his previous family line of fathers. A path of leading him to forego his own self interests to a one of love for family and others. Best part for me is that, for Kratos the cycle did end here.

  6. Kratos cried because he saw his future become loved someone better trying to make things right undo his past mistakes fell proud and less guilty about what happened and live for the future.

  7. A few years ago, Kratos could never have conceived the idea of being seen as anything but a monster. No wonder he almost shed a tear. Bro's been through the most, and is only now, after many lifetimes, getting what he deserves. Happiness.


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